SHINee's Taemin wears sports bra and stockings in 'Advice', fans laud 'middle finger' to gender-based clothing

Taemin of SHINee has released his third mini album 'Advice' and fans cannot get over the star's styling in the same

                            SHINee's Taemin wears sports bra and stockings in 'Advice', fans laud 'middle finger' to gender-based clothing
Taemin in his latest MV 'Advice' (YouTube/SM)

SHINee's Taemin has released 'Advice', a mini-album consisting of five songs on May 18, Tuesday, and the title song of this playlist has a terrific video and an even better theme that has captured the hearts of the fans. The lyrics speak of Taemin's "one advice" and how the more trapped he feels the more he wants to break out from all the stigmatizing that is taking place.

In keeping with the theme of the music video, the styling for the song has also taken a tone of underlining gender fluidity. From being dressed in a sports bra to wearing stockings, Taemin's styling goes hand in hand with the song's lyrics. One of the lines in the song goes "I destroy the torso that you were chasing after" packing a powerful punch. This is also what fans seem to love about the music video that was released as many took to social media to comment on the same. 


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One fan noted Taemin's clothing choice and wrote, "Taemin wearing a sports bra and stockings is a big middle finger to everyone who says clothing has genders." Another Twitter user wrote, "HOLD TF UP TAEMIN IS WEARING STOCKINGS?????? Fcking stockings??????"



Another fan shared the bra on Twitter and wrote, "taemin sports bra... seeing the pearly gates." Another user expressed, "Bitches crying over Taemin wearing fishnet stockings with laced rim, white knee high loose socks, crop top, sport bra, choker, smudged eyeliner, long hair and that little hair accessories. I'm bitches." Another fan commented, "shout out to Taemin. Gotta be one of my favourite genders."




Fans on YouTube commented on Taemin's artistry and commended his choreography, all of which was top notch! One fan wrote, "the fact that taemin is not known by everyone in the world as the best artist of our generation is criminal, his artistry and talent and work ethic is unmatched." Another added, "Long hair taemin is something we all needed. What a masterpiece of a song."

One wrote, "How are we going to survive without new music from him for 2 years," referring to the idol enlisting to serve in the army. Taemin will start serving on May 31, 2021 and this will end sometime at the end of November 2022. He also held his first solo concert on May 2 and debuted the titular single 'Advice' as well.

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