Fans rejoice as Shang-Chi trailer hints at an 'Abomination v Wong' battle

New trailer spoils a shocking cameo revealing that Tim Roth's The Abomination will feature in Shang-Chi, possibly face-off against Wong

                            Fans rejoice as Shang-Chi trailer hints at an 'Abomination v Wong' battle
The Shang-Chi banner (Marvel Studios) with stills featuring The Abomination and Wong (IMDb)

Marvel Studios just dropped a new trailer for 'Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings'. The action-packed 2-minute trailer sure has many fans excited for the studio's first Asian-led film with more of Tony Leung and the martial arts stunts for fans to see. However, that was not all. Eagle-eyed fans think they might have spotted two old characters as well, in a brief blink-and-you'll-miss moment.

Marvel is on a roll right now. The studio's third TV show 'Loki' has got fans drooling for more, after the debut of the Time Keepers and the TVA. Sophia Di Martino's character, called Sylvie, also has fans theorizing, especially after the surprising third episode. Unfortunately, we don't expect any other cameos in the show, but there's plenty more coming. Back in 2020, we reported on the rumor that Elektra Hand could make a jump from the Netflix universe to the MCU with Shang-Chi. However, those rumors seem to be nothing more than wishful fan theories. 


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That doesn't mean you shouldn't expect Shang-Chi to have a few surprising cameos. After Rhodey and Okoye in 'The Falcon And The Winter Soldier', Marvel has shown it can indeed surprise it with a few mind-blowing cameos. Now keen fans think they might have spotted the cameos in Shang-Chi, with a cage-match between The Abomination and Wong taking place. Here's everything you need to know about the surprising leak from Marvel. 

A cage fight in the Shang-Chi trailer appears to be The Abomination v Wong. (Marvel Studios)

Shang-Chi's cameos uncovered?

The trailer features plenty of new footage, of scenes we have seen before and those we haven't. One of these we have seen before was the cage match that may take place in Madripoor. There are two matches taking place, one where Shang-Chi is fighting an unknown female character that we saw in the first trailer. In the new trailer, we see another match taking place. If you watch carefully, at around 1:51, you'll see a giant monster battle a man inside the cage, with Shang-Chi and Katy (played by Awkwafina) watching on. In that scene, the monster slams the man into the cage walls. 

That particular scene is what's got many people talking since many fans believe what we are witnessing is a battle between The Abomination and Wong. If you turn on the subtitles for the trailer, Marvel even confirms that the monster is The Abomination. That's unusual, since the studio usually hides its cameos from marketing material, preferring to delight fans when the film releases. 



A quick recap for those of you who aren't as familiar. The Abomination was first featured in Marvel's 2008 flop 'The Incredible Hulk'. Played by Tim Roth, the Abomination was last seen being arrested after being beaten by the Hulk. His fate was never truly confirmed, leaving many to speculate Marvel had simply written him out because the studio wanted to ignore the film. Kevin Feige later confirmed Roth would return as The Abomination in the upcoming Disney Plus show 'She Hulk', but now we know he returns much sooner.

Wong is the sorcerer from 'Doctor Strange', who also appeared briefly in 'Avengers: Infinity War' and 'Avengers Endgame'. We know Wong survived Endgame and will return in 'Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness'. Played by Benedict Wong, the character wasn't expected to appear in any other films so it would be a real surprise if he does appear in Shang-Chi. Marvel doesn't reveal the character's face, nor dialogue so we can't confirm if this is actually Wong. It could just be another sorcerer. That said, during the film's shooting, Wong was spotted with Shang-Chi lead Simu Liu, so it is possible he could've made a surprise cameo. 

Another cameo we expect but never saw was Fin Fang Foom. The fictional dragon is closely associated with the Shang-Chi comics and everyone expects to see him in the film, but we haven't got a look yet. Marvel could be intentionally hiding him from us, as they did with Falcon's Captain America uniform or Wanda's comic-accurate costume. If the dragon does appear in the film, we should only see him when it releases. In the meantime, the surprise Abomination and Wong cameos have got Twitter very excited.

A close-up of the Abomination v Wong fight from 'Shang-Chi: The Legend Of The Ten Rings' trailer. (Marvel Studios)


Fight 'last thing I expected to see'

One user tweeted, "Abomination is back, and looks legit." Another said, "Thought the highlight was gonna be fin fan foom or whatever it is but then I saw abomination and tweeting the raised-hands emoji."




"ABOMINATION vs WONG is the last thing I expected to see in #ShangChi but GIVE IT TO ME NOW!" one excited person tweeted. Another said, "ABOMINATION VS WONG?! Shang Chi is going to be so good!"




One person tweeted, "This looks really good. I wish they didn't show the Abomination vs Wong bit. That would've been a great surprise to see on screen." Another tweeted, "Wong vs abomination is something that i never imagined and that's a nice surprise and i'm so happy to see wong again he deserves more recognition."




Thanks to Marvel, we do know The Abomination will be in Shang-Chi, but the other sorcerer is still up for debate. From the trailer, and Wong's appearance with Liu, it does look like Wong will return for the film. Whether that is true or not, we will only know when Shang-Chi releases in September.