Is Loki bisexual? Disney+ may have confirmed it with 'bit of both' line

Disney+ series 'Loki' confirmed that that the master manipulator is 'bisexual' and fans could not keep calm

                            Is Loki bisexual? Disney+ may have confirmed it with 'bit of both' line
Tom Hiddleston as Loki in 'Loki' (Disney+)

Disney+ series ‘Loki’ gave fans a lot of enthralling moments in the first two episodes of the show. However, Marvel and Disney+ did something unexpected this time around and confirmed one of the best-kept secrets in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Episode 3 of ‘Loki’ finally confirmed that the master manipulator is “bisexual”. Yes, you heard it right. The Disney+ show finally decided to talk about Loki’s sexuality and gave fans what they needed the most. In the scene, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Sophie Di Martino (Sylvie) end up on a planet named Laminitis – 1, which is going to be completely destroyed in a few moments.


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People residing on the planet are being put on a train and transported to another location. Loki transforms into one of the guards and they enter the train. While talking about their personal lives, Sylvie asks Loki if there’s a princess or a prince waiting for him at the end of this crusade. To which, Loki replies, “A bit of both.”

Tom Hiddleston as Loki and Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie in 'Loki' (Disney+)

In 2014, a Marvel comic titled ‘Loki: Agent of Asgard’ first discussed the gender fluidity of the magician. In the comics, Odin refers to Loki as “my son, and my daughter, and my child who is both” to indicate gender fluidity and more importantly, his love for Loki just as they are. On the other hand, Al Ewing, who wrote the aforementioned title, also explained that Loki is indeed bisexual. As soon as the moment arrived on Disney+, fans could not contain their excitement and flooded Twitter with some really amazing reactions.

‘Greatest gift the MCU has given’

Fans were really ecstatic to know that the production companies and makers did not ignore that aspect of the master manipulator and proudly shared it on the biggest stage possible. One of the fans wrote that Loki being bisexual is the “greatest gift Marvel has ever given to her”.

A still from 'Loki' (Disney+)

Another user noted, “Loki being confirmed as bisexual within the show is something so personal to me. They actually followed through and gave him a line that didn’t hide anything. I can’t believe I’m crying over a piece of dialogue but it means so much to me.” Meanwhile, another user stated, “Loki is confirmed BISEXUAL, I’m so happy.”

“Loki Canon bisexual. This is the best day of my life,” another user added. On the other hand, one person categorically said that MCU’s decision of confirming Loki a bisexual is really big for “representation”. Another one wrote, “We stan a bi icon. Thank you, Marvel, for giving us Bisexual Loki and Valkyrie.” Another said, “Canon bisexual Loki means so much to me. I barely have the words to even express it.” One said, “Loki being confirmed bi while bi lightning is so powerful, I’m simply obsessed.”