'Loki': Are Time-Keepers a lie? TVA's excuses to Loki may have the answer

Loki's first episode introduced us to the Time-Keepers, but constant excuses by the Time Variance Authority has filled us with doubts

                            'Loki': Are Time-Keepers a lie? TVA's excuses to Loki may have the answer
A still from 'Loki' (Disney+)

Loki’ has already become Disney+’s most-watched season premiere ever and the numbers will only go up as the show progresses. The first episode, ‘Glorious Purpose’, introduced us to the Time Variance Authority (TVA) and how they monitor all realities across the multiverse in the Marvel universe.

The episode also gave us a glimpse of Time Keepers in an animated video and as gigantic statues in the TVA's headquarters but they have not yet appeared in person. And that’s what makes us believe that there might be a twist in the tale. According to whatever we have seen in the first episode, there is a possibility that Time-Keepers may not actually exist, or at least not in the way ‘Loki’ is leading its audience to believe.


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Before getting ahead with the theory, let’s take a look at the history of Time-Keepers.

A still from 'Loki' (Disney+)

Who are the Time-Keepers?

In the comics, Time-Keepers first appeared in an issue of ‘Thor’ way back in 1979. They were by a character named He Who Remains, the final director of the TVA. He Who Remains created the powerful beings at the time when the universe was about to end. The purpose was to course-correct the time flow of the universe. At first look, they seem to be the good guys. However, their first interaction with the main Marvel timeline was really controversial. The Time-Keepers wanted the Avengers to break up so that they are unable to threaten their authority.

Do Time-Keepers really exist in ‘Loki’?

Now, here’s the tricky part. Marvel has a knack for introducing a lot of twists in their shows and ‘Loki’ will be no different. So, it will be a no-brainer that the makers decide to play with the identity of the time-keepers. It all started when Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is put on a trial for trying to mess up the Sacred Timeline. He urges the TVA that he needs to speak to the powerful beings. However, he is told that they are far too busy to meet him right now.

Even when the newly introduced characters are being deliberately kept out of sight, the TVA talks about the beings with the utmost respect. For the organization and Mobius (Owen Wilson), Time-Keepers are the “absolute law” and anybody going against them will be intercepted. So, it won’t be really shocking for fans to assume that Marvel could present them with one of the most shocking twists in MCU’s history.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in 'Loki' (Disney+)

Another instance that made us realize that Time-Keepers might not be real is when Loki says that it is really “absurd” that TVA is actually monitoring all the timelines “at the behest of three space lizards”. Meanwhile, when Loki stood up for a trial and asked the judge that he wants to see the Time-Keepers and know about them, the judge says that they are busy “dictating the proper flow of time”. But when he asks the judge about her job, she stutters for a few moments before giving a reply.

A still from the Disney+ series 'Loki' (Marvel/Disney+)

This shows that the truth about their identities is being kept away from everyone. It might be because TVA wants to be the authority and once people get to know that Time-Keepers are not real, their domination over timelines will be in danger. We believe that Time-Keepers could have come into existence to camouflage the continued existence of the multiverse. Also, they wanted to control the separation of different timelines.

All in all, it will be really interesting to see what happened with the Time-Keepers. Loki will do anything to reach them and talk to them. If they are real, Loki would definitely want to ask about all the other timelines and multiverses. So, if you believe that everything about the powerful beings will come straight to you, then you are underestimating the creative prowess of Marvel. The production giant has shocked us in the past and it will continue to do so in the future as well.

‘Loki’ premieres a new episode every Wednesday on Disney+.

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