'Shadowhunters' season 3 episode 16 spoilers: Magnus battles for his life, as Clary summons an evil entity

'Shadowhunters' season 3 episode 16 spoilers: Magnus battles for his life, as Clary summons an evil entity

This article contains spoilers for 'Shadowhunters' season 3B.

The upcoming episode of 'Shadowhunters' season 3B, that is episode 16, will be one of the most emotionally touching ones for Malec fans, and that's saying something because Malec has been through a lot over the past three years. Almost as if bearing the brunt of being one of the only openly gay couples in the shadowhunters community wasn't enough, the upcoming episode - true to its title 'Stay with Me' - will show the couple, that is Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood, go through trying times as Magnus fights for his life.

In the last episode (episode 15: 'To the Night Children'), we saw Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) and Alec (Matthew Daddario) trying to adjust to the two of them moving into the shadowhunters' New York Institute, as Magnus gave up his old apartment in exchange for his magical powers. But while he might have regained those powers, they are still not his original magical powers. In that, the newly transfused magic in him isn't the old magic he possessed, and that proves to be near fatal for the former High Warlock of Brooklyn. Right at the end of the episode, we see Magnus in pain and torment owing to these new magical powers acting up within his system, something that lands him in intensive care - as the trailer for the upcoming episode suggests.


But while Alec sits glued to Magnus' side at the hospital as the latter is recuperating from the transfusion that his body is rejecting, the other fan-favorite couple from the show, Jace Herondale (Dominic Sherwood) and Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara) are going through their own share of crisis. Episode 15 showed the growing impact of the Life-Force rune on Clary, which she now shares with her newly resurrected evil twin, Jonathan Morgenstern (Luke Baines), and the upcoming episode will showcase further how that rune has started taking a whole dark identity of its own, through Clary. 

Teaming up with their friends and fellow Shadowhunters, Izzy Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia) and Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende), Clary and Jace are going to try and diminish the impact of the rune that has started showing a mind of its own. And from what the trailer for episode 16 reveals, they are going to use a Malachi configuration trap for precautionary measures. The reason behind all this caution is most probably their plans of using the summoning spell to presumably invoke Lilith (Anna Hopkins), the evil queen of Edom - the same person who had given Clary and Jonathan the Life-Force rune, binding them together.



The reason why we think it's Lilith they are summoning is that the official plot synopsis of episode 16 reveals that "Clary and Jace come up with a risky plan to get rid of her twinning rune, which may bring an old enemy back into the fray." And while that does suggest Lilith rising from the pits of her kingdom, it could also mean that Jonathan would be back to pay Clary and her friends a visit, as he is the son of Lilith. For all we know, the upcoming episode might show a sweet reunion between the evil mother-son duo, but if that happens, it's going to be anything but sweet for our favorite shadowhunters.

'Shadowhunters' returns with its episode 16 'Stay With Me' on Monday, April 1, only on Freeform.

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