Stalker films Seventeen's Mingyu from a closet, fans 'hope it's worth the lawsuit'

Stalker films Seventeen's Mingyu from a closet, fans 'hope it's worth the lawsuit'
Mingyu was previously targeted by trolls as they made fake rumors of him being a bully (@min9yu_k/Instagram)

Stalkers aka sasaengs are the bane of fame. It happens to be worse in K-pop as they sometimes happen to be the staff members themselves. Many go through extreme lengths like crawling through vents or hiding in closets to film groups like NCT. They also attach location tracking devices as was seen in the case of Ateez. And fans are tired as many of these sasaengs are rich fans who do not have to bear the consequences. And the latest target happens to be Seventeen’s Mingyu.

Fans are especially protective of Mingyu as the caring idol was one of the victims of the targeted attack by trolls in early 2021. Many fake rumors cropped up of idols being violent school bullies as it is a sensitive issue in South Korea and the general public usually turn their backs on such celebrities. However, like many of the other cases, Mingyu’s was quickly resolved and proven to be false. But that hasn’t stopped stalkers from trying their best to find dirt on the Seventeen star.

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Stalker films Mingyu secretly

On March 8, user @mmoo_w tweeted a video of them secretly filming Seventeen backstage at an event while allegedly hiding in a closet. They zoomed in on Mingyu who was being playful with a female staff member. And while OP (original poster) might have expected him to get some kind of backlash, fans and non-fans instead are reprimanding the sasaeng for invading Mingyu’s privacy. They have taken to mass-emailing and tweeting his label Pledis to take some action and protect their artist.

'Lock this person inside the closet'

Carats (Seventeen’s fandom) made tweets like, “Hello @pledis_17 you should be informed that a private video of your artists is being spread around without their consent. The video was took inside a backstage and it's a violation of privacy. We would like to know if any action could be taken regarding this problem, thank you.” Another was curious as to what the stalker expected from sharing the video, “SMH idols can't even be friendly and playful with their staff/friends?” One user posted, “Someone should atleast locked this person inside the closet, weirdo creep.” 





Another was shocked, “Imagine how long they waited inside of that closet just to vet something to use?? just insane.” Another was angry that Mingyu was targeted, “This is driving me insane, first sasaeng that was filming idols from the closets for f**ks sake give them privacy!!!! second y did u cut the video just only mingyu where in fact the other members were playing & talking to the staffs too????? you should be ashamed creep f**k u.” One user commented, “This is some psycho sh*t, imagine hiding in the f**king closet just to film someone, imagine if ur in mingyu's place, what would u feel?” 




Another added, “Theres nothing wrong w this video other than the fact you intentionally hid to try to get some dirt on him like hope it was worth the lawsuit coming ur way.” Fans also made posts like, “Omg get away from him freak,” and “Leave him alone u f**king sh*t.” One fan tried to lighten the situation by joking, “I come back to a sasaeng hiding inside a trash can to try to get dirt on Mingyu but all he did was carry a girl? On womens day of all days too?”






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