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Seventeen's Vernon and Charli XCX's interaction on Twitter unleashes a wave of memes

While Seventeen’s Vernon proved to be a total fanboy of American singer Charli XCX, few Carats wonder if Vernon X Charli collab has already happened
Fans make the best out of the interaction between Charli XCX and Seventeen's Vernon (@vernon_98, @charli_xcx/Instagram, and @charli_xcx/Twitter)
Fans make the best out of the interaction between Charli XCX and Seventeen's Vernon (@vernon_98, @charli_xcx/Instagram, and @charli_xcx/Twitter)

A lot has happened in Caratland and a lot more could potentially happen soon as Vernon of Seventeen seems to have lost his mind after his favorite American Pop singer Charli XCX reached out to him for a collaboration. On February 8, Charli and Vernon broke the internet when Charli asked how she would be able to get in touch with Vernon of Seventeen for a collab.

As fans remember how Vernon missed the opportunity in the past, Carats (Seventeen Fans) took it upon themselves to ensure Vernon had seen the tweet and was not in fact "sleeping" as they trended #WakeUpVernon on Twitter for over five hours straight. It was highly unlikely that this would have gotten unnoticed and much to Charli’s surprise, Vernon responded to her shortly after.


#VernonWakeUp: Fans implore Seventeen star not to miss Charli XCX's collab request AGAIN

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Vernon responds to Charli XCX’s collab invitation

On the same day, hours after Carats as well as fans of Charli XCX implored the rapper of Seventeen to not miss the opportunity of getting a collab with his favorite singer, Vernon finally responded to Charli in record time. Vernon took to the official Twitter handle of Seventeen and said, “YES. Still can't believe this is real wow.” This response was soon met by Charli quote-retweeting Vernon’s response with "OMG."


Fans of Seventeen quickly noticed how Vernon may have responded to Charli’s original tweet very frantically as he tweeted without adding his usual signature on the post. As all members of Seventeen use the Twitter handle of the group, each member uses their unique signature to sign the tweet so that fans are made aware of who it is from.

Vernon usually signs his tweet with ‘[17's 버논]’ which reads as ‘[17’s Vernon]’ and this time around, he totally skipped it. This lead many fans to believe that Vernon was particularly excited, all thanks to Charli XCX.



'Now we wait.'

Fans of Seventeen had the best reactions to this interaction as they posted memes about Vernon's reaction to Charli's Tweets. One fan said, "Felt like you forgot your [17'S 버논] cause of ur excitement AHAIAOEJRJF." One more fan said, "OMGGG YESSSSS," with a funny photo of Vernon. Another fan said, "OH MY GOD IT'S HAPPENING," with a meme of Mingyu texting, while another said, "Now we wait," with a video of Vernon sitting on a chair.  One fan pointed out, "Why do I feel like they are trolling us and it already happened."

One more fan said, "LET'S GOOO CAN'T WAIT," with a funny video of Vernon dancing from an award show. Another fan said, "I love you guys so much, been a fan of both for years and this feels like a dream." One fan joked saying, "Vernon right now." One fan joked, "Oh boy I was scared you were gonna reply after 2 months."