Seventeen’s Mingyu ushers in model era after his 1st Look magazine covers go viral

Mingyu appeared on multiple cover versions of 1st Look magazine's September issue in which he talked about his hobbies and group dynamics of Seventeen

                            Seventeen’s Mingyu ushers in model era after his 1st Look magazine covers go viral
Mingyu on the covers of 1st Look (@1stlookofficial/Instagram)

A week ago, 1st Look magazine released two images of Seventeen’s Mingyu. Carats went wild as they couldn’t get over his looks and how he seemed to glow in the pictures. Well, brace yourselves, because 1st Look has released more B-cuts as well as their covers for the September issue. And that's not all. Fans of the K-pop idol will also get details about what he has been up to thanks to his long interview in the magazine's upcoming issue.

Laura Mercier, a French-American brand for cosmetics teamed up with Mingyu to endorse their products in his latest photoshoot with 1st Look magazine. Mingyu, promoting the cosmetic brand's skincare range, sports a dewy look that emphasizes his youthfulness. He is the latest member to have a solo photoshoot following Hoshi for Allure, Seungkwan for Elle and Dino for Esquire. Seventeen was also featured in D-icon magazine.

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Mingyu for 1st Look (@1stlookofficial/Instagram)

Sneak peek of Mingyu's interview

In a sneak-peek of the interview, 1st Look revealed how he felt about Seventeen. Mingyu explained that previously, he used to feel like a 13-member group was overwhelming but now even if one of them is missing, he feels empty. He added that it felt obvious even if they were eating and if one member is not present. He explained, “This is a joke between the staff members at our agency: if you feel empty when one of the Seventeen members is not around, you’ve adapted to Seventeen.”

Mingyu also spoke about his hobbies which impressed fans. When asked if he was into something new, he said that he had started studying about licensed realtors. Carats were surprised that it wasn’t even because of his own father that he picked it up, but because one of the members’ father was a real estate agent. He added, “So I bought a book [about it] too. I’m not trying to get a certificate, but I’m reading the book because I want to gain information and knowledge [about the subject].”

Mingyu for 1st Look (@1stlookofficial/Instagram)

He also spoke about how he ended up partnering up with Laura Mercier. The idol is very particular about skincare and has a proper routine of combining three scents by using a body wash, body cream and cologne. He also had fun in the photoshoot because he was able to follow this routine with Laura Mercier’s sweet scents like the ‘Amber Vanilla’. The magazine will be available on September 2. The 12-page pictorial spread will have 17 cuts. Mingyu was photographed by Joo Yong-gyun while the fashion stylist was Lee Pil-seung. The interview was handled by editors, Lee Ji-hyeon and Park Hanbitnuri.

'This is too much'

Mingyu has been trending all day on Twitter thanks to the release of the covers. Carats went on to tweet things like, “Mingyu… i’m at my limit,” “Not mingyu holding the cushion and opening it like as though it’s a ring box,” and “Every carats to mingyu rn: you’re so cool.” Another fan added, “Mingyu model era.”





Fans also talked about his hobbies, “Just last year mingyu was interested about learning Financial Management,” “Mingyu having over a hundred of hobbies yet he’s still good at everything.” They also noticed that he wore his team ring, which all Seventeen members have. “I love the fact that even during individual photoshoots they always wear their rings, reminds me that seventeen is and will always be a family. btw kim mingyu can you please keep the handsomeness a tad down love? this is too much,” said one tweet.




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