JTBC's 'In The Soop': Seventeen confirms appearance on show, fans say 'it's healing time'

Seventeen becomes the second K-pop act to appear on the reality show ‘In The Soop’ after BTS in 2020

                            JTBC's 'In The Soop': Seventeen confirms appearance on show, fans say 'it's healing time'
Seventeen to appear on HYBE and JTBC's reality show 'In The Soop' (@pledis_17/Twitter)

Kpop group Seventeen released a poster for their appearance on JTBC's reality show ‘In The Soop’ through their official social media accounts on August 12. The first teaser for the show was posted officially on August 9 where it was captioned, “Somewhere between daily life and rest, Seventeen’s complete time off in the forest.” The word soop in Korean means forest which is what the show is about. The first artists to appear in the previous season of the show were BTS in the year 2020.

After BTS, it was revealed that other label mates from HYBE (then, BigHit Entertainment) including, GFriend, TXT, Seventeen and others would also appear on newer seasons on the show. Soon after that announcement, the pandemic hit and it was impossible for people to travel around the world. With the pandemic dying down and the rest of the world slowly going back to normal, Seventeen is all set to travel to the woods and enjoy the serenity as a camera team films their adventures.


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Seventeen to appear on 'In The Soop'

With the new season which will have the members of Seventeen, it is announced that the show will have eight full-length episodes along with eight behind-the-scenes highlights from each episode. Fans can watch these full episodes on the Weverse app with a premium membership starting August 29, 2021.

While being available online for subscribers of Weverse, the show will also be available for Korean fans to watch on the network JTBC. These episodes will be broadcasted for the first time on JTBC network at 11:40 pm KST, August 30 onward.

The episodes will be available on Weverse every Sunday and Tuesday at 10 pm KST (9 AM ET). Fans can start subscribing to book reservations for the show starting August 17 on the Weverse shop where more details are soon to follow. In addition to that, a total of four 60-minute episodes containing the highlights that would originally only be available on Weverse TVOD are reported to be made available on JTBC network too.



Watch the teaser here


BTS in the soop

'BTS In the Soop’ saw the members of BTS on a journey where they engaged in activities that were in between everyday life and leisure. It premiered on August 19, 2020 on JTBC network as well as on Weverse TVOD, a global fan community platform.

The episodes that aired on JTBC were 60 minutes long while the same episode on Weverse had a premium edge to it being 80 minutes long. They also had behind-the-scenes clips available for every episode in the Weverse premium versions. Other differences fans noticed were that the JTBC version had all logos for certain brands blurred out. Here is what fans have to say after hearing the news about Seventeen’s appearance on the show's new season.

One fan said, “Cant wait for seventeen in the soop!!!!” and another exclaimed, “WAIT OMG SEVENTEEN IN THE SOOP TOO CANT WAIT.” One fan pointed out the tragedy of it being paid content with, “Me: omg my healing… also me knowing its paid per view.” Other fans supported Seventeen by saying, “Yes for haters, stop being arrogant cuz every artist deserve their own healing time too as they always worked hard for their own fans, give comfort and joy to the people around the world by through their music and contents.” while one more said, “Yes can't wait for that!! It's must be so fun and healing.” 











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