Seventeen's Mingyu rocks side profile for photoshoot, fans say visuals are 'god tier'

Kim Mingyu of Seventeen will be featured on ‘1st Look’ Magazine’s September issue

                            Seventeen's Mingyu rocks side profile for photoshoot, fans say visuals are 'god tier'
Seventeen's Mingyu to appear on 1st Look Magazine's September issue (@ming9yu_k/Instagram)

1st Look magazine released official images from a photoshoot with Kim Mingyu of Seventeen. The magazine released a pictorial in collaboration with the French- American cosmetics brand Laura Mercier as he will be featured in the September issue of the magazine. The first images from the photoshoot were released on August 24.

The magazine dropped two images to promote Mingyu’s appearance in the magazine. Fans quickly took to notice how his’s visuals are unbeatable and talked about how he has the most perfect skin one could dream of.


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Seventeen comeback news

Carats are in for a celebration as Seventeen also announced an October comeback with their new release. This will also be Mingyu's second album after his hiatus from the group's activities due to him being involved in false school bullying allegations. As all rumors were cleared Mingyu resumed working and joined group activities and released a single, 'Bittersweet’ with his fellow member, Wonwoo in collaboration with singer Lee Hi.

Mingyu will also appear on Seventeen’s upcoming fall comeback album. On August 23 it was reported that the group was preparing for a comeback in mid-October. As no further details of the comeback album are released, fans are surely overwhelmed as their last release was a mini-album titled, ‘Your Choice’ that was released in June of 2021.


Mingyu's magazine appearance

Mingyu will appear on the cover of 1st  Look Magazine for its 225th issue which will be released on September 2. The magazine will release digital cover-cut photos of this photoshoot on August 27 while the magazine will be sold for pre-order through online bookstores nationwide.

Carats are amazed by Mingyu's clear skin and ethereal beauty as they took to Twitter to express their feelings. One fan said, “He really does have perfect skin damn..” another fan said, “Kim Mingyu with his 1st LOOK photoshoot. I dunno what to say, he is GORGEOUS AS F**K.”

Many fans shared the opinion that his visuals were ‘god-tier’. Another Carat said, “they’re not lying when the stylists said then kim mingyu from svt got one of the best skin out there he’s literally the perfect package.” and one more said, “Kim Mingyu is the end of Carats.”

One fan said, "Kim mingyu, that's the tweet." and another said, "Kim mingyu invented close up photos." One Carat got very excited and said, "EVERYONE NEEDS TO SHUT UP RIGHT NOW BECAUSE KIM MINGYU IS BEING LOUD AS HELL AND HE WILL RECEIVE MY UNDIVIDED ATTENTION." Another said, "kim mingyu you are so..breathtaking." One fan made an edit with a meme saying how Mingyu's face was full of talent, personality and visual while one said, "The side profile the eyebrows the jawline the eyes the hair the nose mole the lips the man THE Kim Mingyu."




























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