Seventeen announces comeback with 'Attacca', hints at OT13 album with The8 and Jun

Seventeen announces comeback with 'Attacca', hints at OT13 album with The8 and Jun
Seventeen announce upcoming album 'Attacca' (@pledis_17jp/Twitter)

The leading third-gen group Seventeen is coming back with their ninth mini-album titled ‘Attacca’. The 13-member group confirmed the comeback rumors on September 24 that their third venture for the ‘Power Of Love’ project will be ‘Attacca’. They released their first album of the year ‘Your Choice’ in June 2021 and they’re back once more. But what is more exciting is that it will be an OT13 album with The8 and Jun participating.

Earlier this month, on September 1, the group’s agency, Pledis Entertainment announced that the Chinese members, The8 aka Minghao and Jun aka Junhui, will be traveling to China and staying there for the remainder of 2021. Due to the pandemic, the boys haven’t been able to see their families for almost two years and their Chinese activities had been constantly postponed. With them leaving, Carats (Seventeen’s fandom) wondered if the upcoming album, ‘Attacca’ would have them or not. 

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The8 aka Minghao and Jun during Studio Choom's shoot for 'Home;Run' (Studio Choom/YouTube)

Seventeen’s comeback to include The8 and Jun

Ever since their debut in 2015, all 13 members have always participated in all of Seventeen’s projects. The K-pop industry and other fandoms are quite impressed since the group manages to handle the different schedules of all of the members. They also happen to be one of the very few groups who beat the 7-year contract curse with all 13 members unanimously renewing their contract with Pledis even before it expired this year. And the ‘Attacca’ comeback doesn’t seem to be any different.


Albums are prepared months before its actual release and it seems like The8 and Jun were able to be present for it before they left for China in September. In the group poster that Seventeen released today on September 24 to announce the comeback, we can see the backs of the members as they are walking away from the camera. But by counting, all fans noticed that there were 13 members in the shot which means that The8 and Jun recorded and filmed the content for the album before leaving.


Seventeen to come back with 'Attacca' (@pledis_17/Twitter)


However, they will not be coming back to South Korea to participate in promotional activities like variety shows, interviews and music shows. In Pledis’ statement informing about The8 and Jun’s travel to China, they shared that due to the strict travel guidelines at the moment it would be inconvenient for the boys to fly back and forth. And so they will be staying in China till December 2021 while the remaining 11 members will be participating in the promotions of ‘Attacca’.

‘Attacca’ will be released on October 22 at 1 pm KST (12 am ET) on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more. It is the third segment of the ‘Power Of Love’ project which has been exploring the different forms of love. Previously, we saw Mingyu and Wonwoo release ‘Bittersweet’ while the group as a whole came together for ‘Your Choice’. ‘Attacca’ is Italian for ‘attack’ and is a musical term to point out that the following musical segment will be played without pause. 


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 Seventeen announce comeback with 'Attacca', to be an OT13 album with The8 and Jun