Emily Ratajkowski’s ex Sebastian Bear-McClard accused of ‘grooming’ teen girls before sleeping with them

Emily Ratajkowski’s ex Sebastian Bear-McClard accused of ‘grooming’ teen girls before sleeping with them
Sebastian Bear-McClard is also presently embroiled in a protracted divorce and custody battle with the model Emily Ratajkowski (Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Sebastian Bear-McClard, is charged with 'grooming' two adolescent females via Instagram before sleeping with them. Bear-McClard, 42, is also presently embroiled in a protracted divorce and custody battle with the model Emily Ratajkowski, 31, and he is taking part in a private mediation with the Safdie brothers, Josh and Benny Safdie.

Bear-McClard is accused of sexual misconduct by two women and "troubling behavior" by a third in documents obtained by Variety. Bear-McClard allegedly contacted the 17-year-old on Instagram in 2016 before meeting her in person at a Soho loft. The producer assured her that she would be able to meet Robert Pattinson, the star of 'Good Time', while the movie was being produced by Josh and Benny Safdie. She alleges that while waiting for her part to be called on the New York set, she was made to strip in front of roughly a dozen male cast and staff members.


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'I was utterly stunned and felt terrified'

The woman, who is now 24 years old, claims that she appeared nude in front of the Safdie brothers and was partnered with an actor who had just been sprung out of prison before they hired him for the movie. A Safdies spokesman stated, "The Elara team were made aware of Sebastian McClard's behavior in July 2022. They took immediate action and terminated him," according to Variety. 


The problematic 'Good Time' scene, which does not feature in the final piece of the film, took place on a day while Pattinson was away from the set. "I was utterly stunned and felt terrified," the woman said in a statement she released in August 2022.

The woman added, "My distress only worsened when out of nowhere, [an actor] whispered in my ear asking if 'he could stick it in' while the cameras rolled. I said 'no'," according to DailyMail. She continued by claiming that, although only 17, she began sleeping with Bear-McClard and that their consensual relationship lasted for more than two years. She did not discuss payment with Bear-McClard for the part, although he did buy her cigarettes afterward.


'He did not deny my accusations'

The second woman, who was 18 at the time of the incident, also alleges that Bear-McClard groomed her. He apparently contacted her on Instagram while filming Adam Sandler's 'Uncut Gems' and offered to make her a star. The second woman asserts that she was welcomed into the residence where Bear-McClard and Ratajkowski lived.

The second woman stated, "Sebastian and I started kissing. Things escalated and then, without asking for my consent, Sebastian inserted himself inside me without using a condom," according to DailyMail. She insisted that he also called her "retarded" and a "k**e" before explaining that he was joking.


The second woman is allegedly accusing him of following her via an app on her phone and of messaging a 15-year-old girl on Instagram. She stated, "Sebastian appeared pleased with himself and laughed at my comment. He did not deny my accusations."

Who accused Sebastian Bear-McClard of 'troubling behavior'?

A woman who has worked as an assistant and an intern in the film industry also gave a statement in which she alleges that Bear-McClard displayed troubling behavior. Ratajkowski's close friends claim that the model is not shocked by the accusations. In the ongoing divorce, she is represented by Brett Ward and Jackie Combs.


Sources revealed that the Safdies fired Bear-McClard from their joint production firm, Elara Pictures, as a result of his interactions with the 15-year-old and his romantic involvement with a fourth woman while he was working on the set of Uncut Gems, according to Variety.

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 EmRata’s ex Sebastian Bear-McClard accused of sexual misconduct