'Black Ink Crew: Chicago': What caused the fallout between Charmaine and Prince?

A simple conversation between Charmaine and Prince gets blown completely out of proportion

                            'Black Ink Crew: Chicago': What caused the fallout between Charmaine and Prince?
Prince and Charmaine Bey are part of the cast on 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' (VH1)

The power-packed work drama is what VH1's 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' is all about. Petty things aside, the crew is one talented bunch of tattoo artists; all very gifted and insanely good at what they do.

In the recent episode of the reality show, we see a hardcore verbal fight between Charmaine Bey (owner of 2nd City Ink) and Prince. They call each other names, Prince stands up threatening Charmaine and even questions her friendship with his girlfriend, Miriah. 


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Here's what happened on the episode that aired on November 22, 2021, on VH1. As we saw on the previous episode of the show, Charmaine accused Prince of having cheated on her best friend, Miriah, with Draya. Charmaine saw his car parked at Draya's for days together and he's the only one to own that particular car in the city. 

Charmaine calls both Prince and Miriah down to her office of 2nd City Ink, so she could sit them down and have a civil conversation about how she acted out. Miriah comes in first and shares with Charmaine about Prince being terrible at communication, only texting her when convenient and also claimed how he hasn't responded to her after he specifically said that he'd put in more effort.

Meanwhile, Prince walks in and takes a seat. This scene is the definition of "the calm before the storm". Charmaine brings up what the girls were talking about and almost instantly, Prince gets insanely defensive of his actions. He yells at Charmaine for not staying away from his relationship and then speaks to Neek (Charmaine's husband) to explain that his wife is wrong. Not satisfied with Neek's reaction, he even throws her phone and what's more, he even had the audacity to make Miriah choose between him and Charmaine!

All hell breaks loose as Prince stands up and points fingers at Charmaine, as she tells him that he won't be working for her anymore at 2nd City Ink. Charmaine is not one to back down and yells back at Prince saying he cannot talk to her like that and goes on to tell him to leave her office that very instant. If this wasn't dramatic enough, Prince doesn't leave without making Miriah feel guilty about whose side she takes. He questions her over and over again to see if she'll have his back. What's going to happen now? Stay tuned to know more!

New episodes of Season 7 of 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' air every Monday at 8 pm ET on VH1. 

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