Charmaine Bey net worth: 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' star earns thousands from TV alone

Charmaine Bey, reality star, radio host marketing expert via social media, has more than one way to get that bread

                            Charmaine Bey net worth: 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' star earns thousands from TV alone
Charmaine Bey earns a whopping amount from TV shows and her '9Mag' tattoo shop (Instagram)

Reality TV personality Charmaine Bey is successful, popular, and is best known for her appearance in the reality television show 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' as the manager of the Chicago-based tattoo shop, '9Mag'. Ever since her television debut, her fame has increased significantly!

'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' also features people involved in the lives of the staff members as well. These could be their friends and family, and are cast as recurring guests; her boyfriend-turned husband, Neek Bey, has appeared in the show since Season 3. Several tattoo artists also recur, and managers and assistants appear from time to time. The show runs for a solid 10 episodes per season, with the longest being Season 3, with a whopping 18 episodes! Thanks to this opportunity, it's a "cha-ching' for Charmaine!


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Charmaine manages a bunch of the tattoo shop’s endeavors outside of the show, whilst working on the success of the show annually as well. This majorly has to do with events featuring prominent tattoo artists from around the world, visiting the shop for publicity. The shop also hosts parties, all of which are attended by the staff, and is held in and around Chicago. Bey has also gone on tours with the cast and crew, making an appearance in public events, to promote the show.


Early life and education

There isn't much information about Charmaine's life back in the day or details about her family. However, we do know that she went to Howard University. While in college there, she met Neek Bey, her now-husband, with whom she has one child and is expecting her second. Here's a happy picture of the alumni Neek and Charmaine, posted on her Instagram!


Charmaine is also very vocal about being inseparable and real close to both her parents, especially her mother. Bey even shared lovely clicks of the same, always appreciating their presence and feeling blessed to be their daughter.

This year has definitely been a tough one for Charmaine. She lost her father to stage 4 esophageal cancer in the month of June. 




Charmaine's entire career in front of the camera has led her to numerous opportunities, and constant new projects. As she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will continue to increase as well. There is no mention of how Bey developed a liking and interest in the tattoo industry, whatsoever. In 2013, she joined the tattoo shop called '9Mag', in Chicago. The shop is known for its skilled tattoo artists, along with collaborations with celebrities. Both her and the shop didn’t gain any mainstream fame until they were featured on television. Talk about good luck and fortune!


Net worth

So let's get down to the important stuff. How rich is Charmaine Bey? As of 2019, sources estimate a net worth that is over $200,000 earned through a successful career on JUST television! Similar to all other TV personalities, Charmaine is highly active on social media, and has over 35,000 followers on just Twitter! She mainly posts about her day-to-day life, while also promoting the show as well as her other projects (a marketing expert, so to say).

She also has her own Facebook page, which has over 11,000 followers, and promotes her show along with her radio work. Bey is a radio personality, who is often featured on the radio station WGCI, and this connection to the music industry has also helped her in more ways than one. Like all of this doesn't scream "popular", she even has her own personal website, which primarily serves as an e-commerce shop to sell her merchandise; things like cookbooks and aprons.

Season 7 of 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' will premiere on October 4, 2021.

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