'Black Ink Crew: Chicago': Kitty Sovain creates a scene at the tattoo convention

'Black Ink Crew: Chicago': Kitty Sovain creates a scene at the tattoo convention
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'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' is all about that petty drama life on the surface level, not to mention some really talented and skilled tattoo professionals. We're talking about people who ink pictures onto their customers' bodies, making them look so real, worth the money, worth the shot!

We're constantly seeing the progress of two tattoo shops; 9MAG (owned by Ryan Henry) and 2nd City Ink (owned by Charmaine Bey). Charmaine used to work at 9MAG herself but eventually went on to push her potential to open up her own tattoo shop. In tonight's episode, you'll see Draya and Kitty, the petty queens jump headfirst in unnecessary fights and drama! 


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A tattoo convention is scheduled to take place, shortly after Charmaine put Draya in her place and fired her, but since the latter did the paperwork for a spot at the convention, she argues that she wants her half of the booth since she paid half the amount. Now, 2nd City Ink is forced to share their space with Kitty and Draya.

Meanwhile, Ryan comes to what is probably his 50th convention since he's been in the game for a long time now. He goes over to Charmaine, who breaks down the issue at hand and he decides to free up some space in his booth for her clients. Like always, Ryan always has Charmaine's back and we're hoping their friendship only gets stronger with time.

Back at the booth, Kitty has gone all out. While she tells Draya that she's going to stay calm and not let the rest of the crew badmouth them, she gets a little too worked up and has a big-blown verbal fight with Remi, the reality show's executive producer! This would've been uber cool if she was trying to make a smart move or point but it was neither in this case, Kitty's just mad about the booth situation and is clearly venting, the wrong way (of course, people are staring at the psycho woman!)

Stay tuned for new episodes of Season 7 of 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' every Monday at 8 pm ET, only on VH1.

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