'Sister Wives': Fans call Robyn Brown the 'puppet master' of the family

Robyn makes the house rules and expects everyone to follow her. Is her behaviour justified?

                            'Sister Wives': Fans call Robyn Brown the 'puppet master' of the family
Kody and Robyn Brown from 'Sister Wives' (Instagram - @robyn_browns_nest)

The recent episode of 'Sister Wives', the controversial reality show on TLC, saw Robyn Brown being overtly selfish of her needs, making all the rules for COVID-19 to make it seem like it was Kody's idea. 

Kody Brown and his wives have been vocal about their participation in the show; to create awareness among the public for polygamist families. Kody is legally married to only Robyn Brown, while the other three marriages (to Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown) were all done in a spiritual manner. Season 16 of the show is bound to get more rocky as we hear Robyn Brown talking about 'everything crumbling'.


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Here's what fans have to say about Robyn Brown.

One fan said, "Why tho?? Why does she expect all the kids to stop living their lives just bc SHE wants to stay distant. Oh, I know lol because that's typically how it goes, everyone follows Robyn, whoops I meant Kody's orders. #SisterWives", while another shared, "After Robyn was manipulating Kody to not tell Christine that staying in Flagstaff was the housewives decisions, I plainly see her as Kody's puppet master #SisterWives".

One fan tweeted, "Robyn, Why in God’s name would it be a anything other than positive for your kid to be with Meri? The other families/kids would be thrilled to see any interaction between the families. You’re the one who gets their father 95% of the time. #SisterWives", while another said, "Robyn is complaining that she has to be responsible for making her kids comply to her own rules. #sisterwives".









One fan tweeted, "Robyn is frustrated with chasing her OWN kids???? Pick a struggle...#SisterWives", while another shared, "Robyn: I have to be the bad guy me: if the shoe fits... #SisterWives". 

One fan shared, "Robyn is upset that she is responsible or enforcing the rules she’s set in place for her kids… that’s how parenting works my girl #SisterWives", while another said, "We can all clearly see that Kody does not care what so ever about these supposed rules he’s came up with…. It’s you Robyn… it’s all you #SisterWives".









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