'Sister Wives' Season 16: Fans ask Robyn to 'stop bullshit' as she refuses to move

Fans believe that 'Sobyn' Robyn is being selfish and her conversation with Kody proved just that

                            'Sister Wives' Season 16: Fans ask Robyn to 'stop bullshit' as she refuses to move
Robyn Brown on 'Sister Wives' (TLC)

For the Brown family, making a decision isn't exactly straightforward. With four wives and multiple children to consider, Kody, as the father, takes everyone's opinions into account. And for life-changing ones such as moving or relocating, it certainly helps to have open discussions. Unfortunately, while this may be the family dynamic, it's seldom a fair one.

For the past 15 seasons of the show, fans have seen Kody and Meri's relationship deteriorate, Janelle being sidelined, and now, Christine seems to have had enough. The only constant is Kody's relationship with Robyn, as she continues to be the obvious favorite. Dubbed 'Sobyn Robyn' by fans due to the emotional outbursts, the premiere of Season 16 saw her dictate a situation yet again, despite knowing the turmoil her sister wife Christine was going through.

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When the topic of Utah came in into question, Robyn was dead set against it. There were two reasons, Robyn's own family was nearby currently, and cited that she faced many stigmas growing up and taking the kids back to Utah would result in the same. She went on to talk about how growing up in a plural family often led to her being bullied, and she was unable to partake in clubs and activities like normal kids. She argued that she might have even been a different person had her circumstances been different. So, for her, staying in Flagstaff just made more sense. 

Fans were quick to call her out on this, seeing that location is irrelevant here, as the family lives out their lives on reality TV and everyone knows who they are. "#sisterwives Robyn, the same issues and stigma the kids can experience in Utah are the same ones they can have in Flagstaff. Everyone knows they are a plural family." tweeted a fan. "So Robyn's reason for not wanting to go back to Utah is because people will make assumptions about her family like they haven't been on tv for at least a decade?? yeah, um ok 🙄#SisterWives" added another. 
"It wasn't "fair" to the kids to uproot them from Las Vegas in the first place. #SisterWives Robyn needs to stop the bullshit." stated a fan. "Sobyn Robyn's conversation with Kody before she got all bitchy. #SisterWives @Surviving_Pod" tweeted a user. 









Moreover, fans also felt that Robyn was not thinking about Christine and was being purely selfish, as she got agitated through her conversation with Kody. She even encouraged that he decides on his own instead of the usual voting system, citing that his voice was lost in the process. 
"I like to see Robyn slipping up enough to say what she really wants to. As in "my kids, me". She may have corrected herself but that first thought was the truth. She's the absolute worst! She doesn't care about any other wife or their kids! #SisterWives" tweeted a fan. "Robyn, don't say you understand what Christine is feeling. Kody has been with you all along. He chooses your kids over his own. #SisterWives" agreed a fan. 





Fans also caught on to the fact that Kody kissed Robyn before leaving, despite all the social distancing the family has been maintaining so far. It was a clear double standard and just proved how close his relationship with her was, compared to the rest of the wives. 
"Kody is so soft with Robyn, Wow! He is gentle with his words. He agrees with her and doesn't put up a fight,He just consoles her. "I wanna let you know I hear you" *kissing* She tells him not to blame the sister wives when he speaks to Christine, he instantly says, "okay okay"" noted a fan. "Robyn has more say in this family unit and we all know it. He only kisses Robyn during Covid. The other wives..he can't because of Covid. He's not getting sick.yeah, right @realkodybrown #sisterwives" agreed a fan. 





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