'Sister Wives': Why is Kody Brown so stubborn about the big move?

After deciding that all his 4 wives get access to his property, Kody insists on wanting a few locks of his own for their shares and the pond

                            'Sister Wives': Why is Kody Brown so stubborn about the big move?
Kody Brown from 'Sister Wives' (TLC)

TLC's controversial reality show called 'Sister Wives' sees big changes and decisions being made on the latest episode of Season 16. Kody Brown has somehow agreed to give his wives a share of his property. We seem to think he's finally being selfless; until he mentions that the pond is his and that he'll have locks of his own on their shares.

With Kody being married to four wives (Christine, Meri, Janelle, and Robyn Brown) and having to take responsibility for them as well as his 18 children, there's quite a lot on the lad's plate. Even still, he feels the need to make his responsibilities seem like an obligation while continuing to be selfish and feed his ego. Kody Brown really is a star specimen!


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On the episode that aired on November 21, 2021, Kody Brown divides his property amongst his wives; but there's a catch, of course. He keeps going on and on about how he wants his own locks for each of their respective shares, and that the pond in the vicinity is not up for grabs. Fans of the series reached social media to share their thoughts on Kody Brown. Here's what they have to say. 

One fan said, "Is anyone else hoping that Kody gets lost in the woods? #[email protected]", while another shared, "Kody will always be the problem. He resents a lot of his wives and misery (Kody) will continue to want company #SisterWives". 

One fan tweeted, "So the idea is to be able to subdivide for the kids? If your wives don’t want to be near you, what makes you think your kids want to be there?? #sisterwives", while another shared, "A man like Kody is the enemy of every strong woman on this earth!!!! Why in the hell in 2021 any woman would ever put up with an A$$hole like him?? He need to F**k himselves & let his wives be who they wanna be!!! #SisterWives". 









Season 16 of 'Sister Wives' airs every Sunday at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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