'Sister Wives': Are Browns planning to have more children? Fans say 'someone needs to snip' Kody

While the drama around Brown's new house situation continues, is there talk about having children in the mix?

                            'Sister Wives': Are Browns planning to have more children? Fans say 'someone needs to snip' Kody
Kody Brown with his wives on ‘Sister Wives’ (TLC)

Just like monogamous marriage, polygamist relationships also boil down to commitment and communication. While the former might not necessarily be a problem, the latter is the make it or break it factor.

The latest episode of 'Sister Wives' proves just that. The Browns might have moved to Flagstaff, but Kody and his wives are far from happy. With their houses yet to be built, the Browns can barely seem to agree on anything. 


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Are the Browns planning on having more children? 

This episode sees Christine call the adults over to discuss something important. Turns out, she'd finally managed to sell her Las Vegas home. Although she sold it for much below the asking price, she was glad to finally get it off her hands. The wives joked about how they thought that Christine was going to announce that she's pregnant, seeing that for quite some time in the past, these family meetings usually were pregnancy announcements. While Christine quickly said that was not the case, she also told the producers that if Kody wanted more children, he could go to the other wives. Meri also spoke about how Kody's whole life was his children. However, looks like the Browns have far too much on their plate at the moment, so having children is out of the question.

Twitter seemed to agree that the Browns shouldn't think about more children and must focus on the ones they have. "Lol I kinda disagree with Meri. Kody does not really outwardly verbally hyperfocus on his kids ... He def hyperfocuses on himself and the real estate crap tho. We barely hear him talk about the kids, and yet he has so many to choose from lol #sisterwives," tweeted a fan. "What is this obsessive chatter about Kody having more children? Hasn't the man done enough damage? #SisterWives," added another. "Hey Kody the best thing a father can do for his children is love their Mother!!! #Sisterwives," said another, referring to just how strained his marriages are, especially with Meri. "Someone needs to snip him #SisterWives," tweeted another.


The family also reminisced about their old home in Utah and spoke fondly about their dog, Drake, who they had to put down. They later buried Drake in Utah as a way to help him return back home. Kody got exceptionally emotional while talking about his dog. But what seemed off to most fans was that he rarely shows any emotion other than annoyance when it comes to his wives, especially Meri. 

"Damnnnn....Kody is really more emotional over the death of Drake (which I love my dogs to death too) than he is over the way he behaves and treats Meri #SisterWives" tweeted a fan. "Kody is showing more emotion for this dog than I’ve ever seen him display about any wife. #SisterWives" agreed another. "Does it concern anyone else that Kody is more emotional about his dog than he is his wives? #SisterWives" tweeted a user.


With no end in sight for the family's disagreements, the question remains, will the Browns be able to make it through these trying times? We'll have to wait and see. 

Season 15 of ‘Sister Wives’ airs every Sunday at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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