'Sister Wives': Tension rises in the family as Kody says Meri won't be happy until everyone bows down to her

The sister wives have a falling out after confusion arises regarding who gets what plot and Kody thinks Meri is to blamed

                            'Sister Wives': Tension rises in the family as Kody says Meri won't be happy until everyone bows down to her
Kody, Robyn, Jeanelle (TLC)

Kody Brown and the sister wives have been looking forward to a day when all of them could stay closeby and the land that the family had recently purchased promised just that. Kody decided to take the sister wives on a trip to the land to let them know how and where he planned on constructing a house. 

While he seemed excited about the direction of things, the conversation took an unexpected turn when Kody informed Meri Brown that she would have the plot near the woods. Kody explained that Meri had always craved for a house in the woods and that plot would allow her to have one. 

However, Meri stated that she did not wish to have the plot and accepted it only because Kody had informed her that it was the only plot that was left. Meanwhile, Robyn Brown joined the conversation and revealed that she was told the same thing. 

Robyn recalled that Kody had come to her and informed her that all the sister wives had chosen the plot that they wanted and since only one plot was left, it would belong to Robyn. Meri thought that Kody said the same thing to two wives, which was the cause of all the problems. 

She decided it would be best to leave and not continue the conversation. However, Kody was left upset and angry after finding out that things had turned in a way that he wasn't prepared for. He thought that Meri was constantly changing her mind and was the one to be blamed.

He further revealed that Meri wanted to be the one who is prioritized and informed the other sister-wives that Meri won't be happy unless others bowed down to her. Another thing that upset Kody was knowing that he had prioritized Meri and given her the first preference while leaving the scraps for others to pick up.

Knowing that he thought the best of her and she did not acknowledge that, Kody thought that it was time he stopped giving preference to one person and treated everyone equally. 

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