'Say Yes To The Dress': Will blind bride-to-be Shaela find the perfect dress?

Blind bride-to-be Shaela feels her dress to see if it's perfect for the D-day on 'Say Yes To The Dress' and Randy Fenoli is here to help

                            'Say Yes To The Dress': Will blind bride-to-be Shaela find the perfect dress?
Shaela comes to Kleinfeld bridal hoping to find her perfect dress (Twitter @syttd)

There aren't too many firsts for Randy Fenoli when it comes to helping brides-to-be find their perfect bridal gown, but for the first time in 30 years, Randy will help a blind bride-to-be, Shaela, find the dress that feels right for her. It's a challenge for Randy who is concerned about just how Shaela will say yes to the dress when she can't see it.

However, it's a case of which dress literally feels right as Shaela relies on how the dress feels in her hands along with the advice of her best friend and her mother to choose between the plethora of options at Kleinfeld Bridal boutique. If you love shows on bridal drama, then you will also probably enjoy shows like 'Marriage or Mortgage' and 'Bridezillas'.


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Shaela, who feels the dresses for their fabric and beadwork, isn't interested in anything that feels boring or plain to her. Besides trusting Randy and consultant Lisa, Shaela also has to place trust in her best friend Kellie and her mom Lisa to make sure that the ultimate gown that is picked is representative of the kind of style that Shaela normally sports. Shaela who had sight until just short of her 16th birthday is getting married in late October and fans of the show felt that she had just the right team by her side to help her make the decision for her big day. One fan tweeted, "Lisa is the best consultant for her. #SYTTD."


Others were thrilled when Randy finally helped Shaela find the perfect dress, irrespective of the challenges of this particular bridal fitting. One fan tweeted, "Congratulations Shaela #SYTTD Randy Never disappoints assisting a bride."


While it all goes according to plan for Shaela, will it be a similar level of success for an event planner Stacey Lee who just has six weeks left for her wedding to a professional ghost hunter? Yes, you heard us right, a ghost hunter. But it's not ghosts that are behind the chills that take place at Kleinfeld Bridal when Stacey visits the boutique with her two best friends in tow for her fitting.

While Stacey already has her wedding gown, she's looking for a reception gown that is just as impressive and just as sexy for her wedding. But Stacey's best friends are finding it tough to give her honest feedback which is leading to a little pre-wedding spat between the bride and her besties. But will Stacey and her friends give up the ghost after their disagreement or will Stacey's friends be honest enough to help Stacey find the reception dress that will achieve her goal of moving her ghost-hunting fiance to tears? To find out you can catch the latest episode of 'Say Yes To The Dress' which aired on July 25 on TLC. 

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