'Say Yes To The Dress': Here's why Randy Fenoli is missing from Kleinfeld Bridal

The new season of 'Say Yes To The Dress' sees Randy Fenoli only online on the show, here's the real reason why he's staying home

                            'Say Yes To The Dress': Here's why Randy Fenoli is missing from Kleinfeld Bridal
'Say Yes To The Dress' is hosted by Randy Fenoli ([email protected]_tlc)

Meeting Randy Fenoli is perhaps as big a part of the dream as seeing all the gorgeous dresses at Kleinfeld bridal for brides-to-be on 'Say Yes To The Dress'. But at least on the first episode of the new season, it seems that virtual consultations are all brides-to-be can expect from Randy and it's not just because of Covid-19. 

Randy at the start of the first episode of the new season tells fans that he is currently taking care of his mother who hasn't been keeping too well. Like many during the pandemic, Randy also seems to be keeping himself busy with some household renovations and from the looks of the way he wields a hammer, he could have a home improvement show next. If you enjoy shows like 'Say Yes To The Dress', you will probably also enjoy shows like 'Say I Do' and 'Bridezillas'


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It's not just Randy's absence at Kleinfeld that's the only difference brides-to-be will notice once they enter the store. Now there are plexiglass windows in the store, the dresses are constantly sanitized and fewer appointments are taken to ensure the safety of everyone involved. But some things do remain the same, like wanting brides to say a big emphatic yes to the dress.

We also find out in the first episode of the new season as Christen decides to try her hand at buying her wedding dress virtually that virtual wedding dress shopping can be quite a recipe for disaster. With just six weeks to go for her wedding, Christen, who hasn't been happy with how she's seen her gown look over virtual calls, has been having nightmares that she will be naked at her wedding. Will the team at Kleinfeld get it together for this bride's first in-person appointment which has her in New York for only 24 hours?

To find out what else has changed at Kleinfeld since the last season of 'Say Yes To The Dress' and how the pandemic has affected the show and business at Kleinfeld Bridal, catch the latest season of 'Say Yes To The Dress' which premiered on TLC on July 18.