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Netflix's 'Say I do': After battling Stage 4 cancer, Jason surprises Jonathan with a winter wonderland wedding

The couple were together for over seven years and engaged for four years but their marriage plans were thrown off the rails as Jonathan was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer

Episode 6 of 'Say I Do' titled 'In Sickness & Health' focuses on celebrating the relationship between Jason and Jonathan. The couple has been together for seven and a half years and got engaged in 2015 after same-sex weddings were legalized in the country. It had been four years of them together as an engaged couple and it was fate that made them wait this long to get married. Jonathan was diagnosed with cancer in his pelvis that had spread to his bones as well. He has made a complete recovery but the couple's finances were depleted and that pushed their plans to get married.

Through this wedding, Jonathan wanted to thank Jason for all the things he had done for him while he was sick. Helping him do so were the fabulous three: Jeremiah Brent, Thai Nguyen, and Gabriele Bertaccini. Jonathan was a sucker for all things Christmas and according to Jason, there was no better way to commemorate their union than a Christmas themed wedding. At first, Brent was not very confident or convinced with the theme Jason chose but as the preparations advanced, he admitted to embracing his inner Christmas freak while bringing the vision to life. After their dreamy wedding ceremony, the couple arrived at their reception, and Jonathan's obsession with Christmas was having a field day. There were more than 50 Christmas trees as well as multiple paper mache statues of sheep, white owl, and snow dogs at the venue. The invitees at the wedding were also people who were the ones who stood by the couple when they were going through Jason's sickness and the celebration was as much a thank you for them, as it was for Jonathan. 

The couple also wished to start a family together; however, their budgets had put these plans along with their wedding on the backburner. This show did give them a wedding but it also pushed them in the right direction to realize their dreams of a kid. Brent and his husband Nathan Berkus are parents to two children and as a gift, he arranged for a meeting between Jason and Jonathan and an adoption lawyer to guide them through their adoption journey. 

This episode of 'Say I Do' is now streaming on Netflix.