'Bridezillas': Nigerian queen Evelyn drives her 'bridesqueens' crazy, compares herself to Whitney Houston

Evelyn who calls herself 'the epitome of boss babe' definitely bossed Joseph around and gave the poor guy a hard time even though he was putting in the work

                            'Bridezillas': Nigerian queen Evelyn drives her 'bridesqueens' crazy, compares herself to Whitney Houston
Evelyn and Joseph (We TV)

In the latest episode of 'Bridezilla', we have Nigerian queen Evelyn and her husband-to-be Joseph. The 31-year-old Evelyn is an attorney and it doesn't take long to really understand her personality — demanding, arrogant, unrealistic, self-obsessed and over the top. Evelyn and Joseph went to the same college and Joseph sent her a Facebook friend request and that's how their love story started.

The couple did a wedding invitation for which they rented an aeroplane to do a photoshoot that can fill up pages of a fashion magazine. The word "bridezilla" was reportedly first used in the mid-1990s and Evelyn is exactly the kind of bride that makes you want to look up the origin of the word. The bride-to-be turned into a monster while planning her wedding, throwing tantrums when she didn't get her way and making ridiculous demands on her friends and family. 

On the other hand, we have our lesbian couple from last week, Symoan and Hillary. Well! Poor Symoan's wedding preparation looks like the Titanic, a sinking ship no one can save. Symoan’s wedding dress and venue (moderately important to have a wedding) are not in place and to make matters worse, Symoan finds Hilary getting too comfortable with a stripper.

The pair had decided to go for their bachelorette party, but one rule they had was no strip clubs. So one can imagine how shocked Symoan would be when she found Hilary's "head in someone's vagina".

Still unsure whether to go through with the wedding or not, Symoan comes for her wedding dress trial made by Geeky Junky. The clothing was exactly like its name. Symoan comes out in a pink lump of hideous material, looking like a huge loofah. Symoan wanted two wedding dresses in pink that she could wear for the ceremony and reception.

Pink to her symbolizes the vagina! Symoan tries her two looks and it was difficult to tell them apart because both looked exactly the same with a slight change in the shape. The dress had tacky pink flowers made out of the same material all over the chest area adding to its hideousness. Symoan’s mother was speechless and so was everyone else. But this was just the beginning, Symoan’s wedding would go through a series of bumps before it became a complete disaster. 


Bride number two, Evelyn, wants to have two weddings because one wedding is just not enough for this woman. She wants a "Nigerian wedding", honouring her Nigerian culture and tradition and a "White wedding" for the reception. It was uncomfortable to watch Evelyn pushing Joseph hard to make sure the dowry he presents during the ceremony is perfect.

A dowry in the Nigerian tradition is given to the bride’s family by the groom to show respect. Evelyn who calls herself "the epitome of boss babe" definitely bossed Joseph around and gave the poor guy a hard time even though he was putting in the work. “You are just eating and relaxing,” Evelyn tells Joseph at one point.

Eating was also a problem between her and her" Bridesqueens" as Evelyn would like to call them because all women are queens right? But she definitely doesn't treat them like one as she drags everyone to the gym so that they can fit into their couture dresses that Evelyn picked out but they don't like. Evelyn was upset to hear that one of her bridesqueen had a piece of brownie after she didn't follow her diet plan.

The bride’s queen of honor tries to check Evelyn's attitude by telling her that she is being annoying and having unrealistic expectations. One of her bridesqueen even says, “...want to choke the life out of her.”

Four days to go for the wedding, Evelyn meets JL, the wedding planner, who is just as big a diva as Evelyn. Very soon the divas had a difference of opinion and Evelyn tells him, "humble yourself." She further says that Evelyn is a brand and its a success. Everything has to be up to the mark. Floating further onto the boat of narcissism, Evelyn compares herself to Whitney Houston and TJ to Mariah Carey. No one heard the melody in that!

Symoan and Hillary’s wedding planner, Jakeem, turns out to be disappointing but to cut him some slack, he had less than a week to prepare for it. He compares the backyard of the house where the wedding is supposed to happen to a gutter and leaves. On top of that, Hillary doesn’t respond to Symoan’s texts and calls and at that point no one knew if there would be a wedding at all. 

Finally on D-Day, nothing goes smoothly as the hair-dresses don't arrive, Jakeem comes back but there is nothing much he could do. The cherry on the top was when the ring went missing. Bride of the bride Hillary gets ready for the wedding with her traditional Christian mother by her side. It meant the world to her when her mother agreed to let go of her conservative thoughts to walk her daughter down the aisle. 

Everything falls into place when the ring is found, the brides are in place and love kicks in. They exchange vows and rings and are wifed up, ready to dance when casualties happen. The DJ yells Mr and Mrs on the mike untill someone checks him and tells him "No Mr, Mrs and Mrs!" This will be a wedding they will never forget. Evelyn’s wedding will be shown in the next episode of 'Bridezillas'.

'Bridezillas' airs on Thursdays at 10 pm ET on WE tv.

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