What is Sasha Banks' net worth? Here's how much WWE SmackDown Women's Champion earns

Sasha Banks just won against Carmella at the WWE Royal Rumble

                            What is Sasha Banks' net worth? Here's how much WWE SmackDown Women's Champion earns
Sasha Banks attends WWE's First-Ever Emmy 'For Your Consideration' Event at Saban Media Center on June 6, 2018, in North Hollywood, California (Getty Images)

Sasha Banks took Carmella head-on at the WWE Royal Rumble. She defended the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship and how! In what seemed to be a competitive streak, Carmella had Banks pushed against the ropes several times, and even hit her with a suicide dive, showing her determination to win. She almost got a near fall with a kick. However, in the end, Banks won with the Bank Statement. And that was nothing less than a clear victory. This match comes after Banks defeated Reginald in a one-on-one match on SmackDown and Carmella was granted a match for the Women's Championship at this weekend's pay-per-view. Carmella has gone up against Banks a few times before, without much success.

No doubt, Banks is a force to reckon with and is often called 'Boss'. Banks arrived at WWE on August 8, 2008. Since then, she has been considered a real force at WWE. As things stand, she is signed currently under the Raw brand of WWE. Banks is a WWE Women's Champion, one of the inaugural WWE Women's Tag Team Champions and also a former NXT Women's Champion. Apart from WWE, Banks has also wrestled at the Northeastern United States independent circuit. As of 2020, Banks' net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.  Previously, she was under a contract that got her an annual salary of $180,000.However, after she was featured in the first-ever women PPV against Charlotte Flair, she became an overnight sensation, and currently receives an annual salary of $250,000 at WWE.

Fans are now prepping for the next match, between Banks and Bianca Belair. "Are y'all ready for the Boss vs the EST at WrestleMania??? Sasha Banks vs Bianca Belair is going to be lit,#RoyalRumble," one tweeted. "Sasha Banks vs Bianca Belair at wm is legit gonna steal the show this year and I cannot fucking wait for this matchup! Congratulations to Bianca once again, Definitely a well-deserved win #RoyalRumble," another wrote. "So happy for Bianca. Hopefully, we’ll get to see @BiancaBelairWWW and @SashaBanksWWE put on a show at Wrestlemania 37.#RoyalRumble," another wrote. 




Bianca Belair defeated her 24-year old opponent Rhea Ripley in the WWE pay-per-view Royal Rumble 2021 event. And now, she has to face Banks, who retained her Smackdown title by beating Carmella.