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Taylor Caniff canceled? YouTuber bashed for transphobic attack on Nikita Dragun

In now-deleted Instagram stories, Caniff boasted about telling security guys that Nikita Dragun is a 'dude' presenting as a woman
UPDATED JUN 16, 2021
Taylor Caniff launched a transphobic attack on Nikita Dragun via his Instagram stories on June 15 (Instagram)
Taylor Caniff launched a transphobic attack on Nikita Dragun via his Instagram stories on June 15 (Instagram)

Nikita Dragun, also known as the mother of draguns by her followers and supporters was dealt with below-the-belt punches by a YouTuber named Taylor Caniff. He is no longer relevant on the portal as he stopped creating for YouTube some three years ago. However, Caniff does stay active on his Instagram where he has an audience of 2.5 million, many of whom are sending him hate currently after he launched a transphobic attack on Dragun. 

In a couple of Instagram stories, Caniff spoke about how he happened to catch a glimpse of Dragun with a male friend at the same place that he went to grab food. He then boasted about telling the security guys at the venue he was at about how Dragun is a "dude" who is presenting as a woman. Dragun happened to see Caniff's stories and she addressed the whole situation via an IGTV video. The otherwise bold and bad b**ch energy that is Dragun's brand is nowhere to be found in her video for obvious reasons and all she offers is a visceral explanation of what it is like to be a transgender woman.


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Is Taylor Caniff transphobic?

Caniff mocking Dragun on his stories has not gone down well with people on the Internet. It has agitated them as much as Dragun who in her video said, "My livelihood is constantly threatened by just living my life as a trans person and I am so embarrassed to be even showing this video but it's reality," the YouTube sensation, video vixen, and entrepreneur said. "I try to be strong for you guys and hold my head up high and act like I am not terrified that something like this would happen to me. This is how trans people die," she said in the video she captioned writing, "STOP TRANS HATE."

"It just takes that one ignorant, transphobic comment to wreck my entire livelihood and more so that that I fear for the other people that are with me. The fact that it was just a guy friend helping me get into a car and all of a sudden this man wanted to video it make fun of the guy who is helping me, tell the security guys about it? Now his life is threatened as well. This time it was me, next time it could be somebody else, somebody not as lucky," she said. Dragun added, "We must stop trans hate because it leads to trans violence and people lose their lives or even worse they take their own lives experiencing things."



Taylor Caniff accuses Nikita Dragun of chasing clout

Caniff went live after the whole situation blew up trying to explain his intentions behind making the video and happened to further rub Dragun the wrong way. "This man is on his live saying i’m doing this for clout and he’s bisexual... sir u haven’t been relevant since magcon. sit ur TRANSPHOBIC ass down. it’s sad i even gave u any kind attention @taylorcaniff" Dragun tweeted. Caniff tweeted her back, writing, "You want me to leak some real info nah you been doing this 2015?! You would hate that, you change to trending seasons ….Keep changing for clout. I speak FACTS. What I said was facts."

The situation between the two has escalated to a new level and from the looks of it, Caniff is not apologetic about his comments and threatened to reveal more ammo he has against Dragun. However, Twitter users seem to be siding with Dragun and are canceling Caniff for his thoughts. "You don't have to like Nikita, I don't, but she's completely right about how transphobic comments can lead to violence. trans women need to be protected and it's sad that people like Taylor Caniff still have a platform," tweeted a user. "Taylor Caniff radiates trash energy. not a Nikita Stan by any means but we DON'T DO TRANSPHOBIA OVER HERE. f**k his lame ass," tweeted another.






"F**k you Taylor Caniff! You are transphobic and you deserve to be canceled," tweeted another user. "Regardless of how I feel about Nikita, this is absolutely disgusting behavior. Taylor Caniff is a sad pathetic excuse for a man," another tweet read. "Taylor Caniff putting this on his close friends is so telling of the 'good ol’ boys club' mentality that many straight cis men have when it comes to homophobia + transphobia — y’all know it’s wrong but won’t call each other out so long as u can get a laugh," wrote another Twitter user.