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Is Deadpool in ‘Multiverse of Madness’? Ryan Reynolds nearly spills the beans

Actor hints Wade Wilson could make a cameo in upcoming MCU movie in a new interview, 'he's for sure in it' reacts net
UPDATED FEB 17, 2022
A still from 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' with an inset of Ryan Reynolds from 'Deadpool' (IMDb)
A still from 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' with an inset of Ryan Reynolds from 'Deadpool' (IMDb)

After the massive success that was 'Spider-Man: No Way Home', Marvel is going ahead full-steam with its next major movie 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness'. The highly anticipated Sam Raimi film dropped its second trailer at the Super Bowl LVI, and the rumors haven't stopped flowing since. 

First, fans were sure they heard Patrick Stewart's Charles Xavier in the trailer. We also got our first look at the appearance of the Illuminati, although the exact characters remained unclear. There were also major rumors that Tom Cruise would cameo in the film, as Superior Iron Man, as seen in another quick moment in the trailer. The poster for the film also dropped hints at the presence of Captain Carter from 'What If?', and that's not even the end of the exhaustive list.


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Eagle-eyed users thought they spotted Deadpool in the poster as well, so naturally, all attention has now turned to Ryan Reynolds. The Canadian actor hinted in the past his version of Wade Wilson would show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), so it's not a matter of if, but when. Thanks to the actor himself, it appears as if it could be as soon as May 6, when 'Multiverse of Madness' releases.

Ryan Reynolds in a still from Deadpool (IMDb)

Ryan Reynolds hints at cameo

The hint that Deadpool would feature in the upcoming Doctor Strange movie was given wings by none other than Reynolds himself during a media interview. TikTok user @marvelresidence uploaded a video on February 16, 2022, of Reynolds being interviewed by Variety. "Are you in the 'Doctor Strange' movie?" a reporter asks Reynolds off-screen. In response, the actor jokes, "I saw that from 100 miles away." He then said, "I guess I'm not supposed to say anything about that, but I'm really not in the movie."

The reporter was quick to catch on, and told Reynolds, "You could be lying." He joked in response, "I could be an unreliable narrator but I promise you I am not lying." He then adds, "There's a team of people that will neutralize you as soon as you leave here," joking about Kevin Feige's reported "hit squad" meant to crack down on leaks. 

Of course, the Variety reporter wasn't the only one that caught Reynold's non-answer. Social media quickly blew up with the video going viral on TikTok, and Twitter. "It’s Andrew Garfield all over again," one user noted. Another replied, "Hes smirking you can tell hes in it." Another joked, "Wade Wilson/Deadpool may be in it. But not Ryan Reynolds haha." One person responded, "Never believe a mcu actor when they say this."

On Twitter, one person responded, "It’s actually good that he’s a bad liar because then we know that he’s actually in the movie." Other responses included, "Welp, this means he's for sure in it," and, "Body language says extreme discomfort." Another tweeted, "I’m not saying Ryan Reynolds is lying but this MF is LYING."





Unfortunately, we still have a few more months to go before 'Multiverse of Madness' releases, but if 'No Way Home' is to judge by, expect more leaks to come in the meantime. They could confirm Deadpool's presence or the myriad number of cameos that Marvel has reportedly added. In the meantime, if you want to see Reynolds, you can catch him in Netflix's 'The Adam Project', which releases on March 11.