#RoyalFartJoe trends as Joe Biden let it rip around Camilla Parker Bowles at COP26

"It was long and loud and impossible to ignore. Camilla hasn’t stopped talking about it," a source said to Daily Mail.

                            #RoyalFartJoe trends as Joe Biden let it rip around Camilla Parker Bowles at COP26
Joe Biden allegedly farted in front of Camilla Parker Bowles at the COP26 summit (Photo by Eduardo Munoz-Pool/Getty Images)

The hype around #PoopyPantsBiden had just started to die down when another news surrounding Joe Biden's bowel issues have yet again made a splash on the news as well as on the Internet. The hashtag #RoyalFartJoe is one of the top trends on Twitter currently. Previously, the President seemed to have a "bathroom accident" during a meeting with the Pope at the Vatican. Republican Amy Tarkanian revealed this news via Twitter and netizens just couldn't stop trolling Biden over it. Then came the COP26 summit where Biden appeared to be asleep during a speech. A video of this incident went viral on social media but another news related to Biden emerged after Daily Mail reported on Biden letting it rip at the summit in the presence of Camilla Parker Bowles. 

Biden is no stranger to being trolled. Right from being allegedly caught sleeping on video during a meeting with Israel's Prime Minister, to being accused of being "sleepy and confused" while speaking on gun violence - Biden has seen it all. Not to forget the time he fell multiple times on Air Force One's stairs for which Trump made fun of him while Jen Psaki tried to blame it on the stairs


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Did Joe Biden fart in front of Camilla Parker Bowles?

A source with knowledge of the incident told Daily Mail that Biden let it rip in front of Camilla Parker Bowles as they made small talk at the COP26 summit in Glasgow. "It was long and loud and impossible to ignore," the source said. "Camilla hasn't stopped talking about it," the source added. It's also said that Prince Charles, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Boris Johnson were present at the event as well. This is not the first time Biden was blamed for breaking wind. In 2020, several Republicans including Donald Trump Jr posted a video of Biden farting during a live chat with Pennsylvania's governor Tom Wolf. 

People on the Internet are having a field day as #RoyalFartJoe trends with more than 13 thousand tweets. "#RoyalFartJoe I'm so glad we're bringing back civility with farting Joe and cackling Kamala," a user tweeted. "#RoyalFartJoe. Poor Camilla had to throw away the dress she was wearing at the time. #bidensFart is worse than skunk smell. Even tomato juice won't remove #PoopyPantsBiden odor," read another tweet. "Did Joe just ... beside the Duchess of Cornwall at G26. Man, What the Fart!!! #RoyalFartJoe" quipped another. "I heard that all of Britain is talking about #RoyalFartJoe What an Embarrassment!" read another tweet. "Why can't #RoyalFartJoe control the foul pal in his canal around the royal family?" wrote pro-Trump comic account Catturd. 






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