Is Joe Biden OK? POTUS's 'sleepy' and 'confused' speech on gun violence worries supporters

'Biden’s speech today on gun laws has been ignored by mainstream media because he had no idea what he was saying or reading,' said a user

                            Is Joe Biden OK? POTUS's 'sleepy' and 'confused' speech on gun violence worries supporters
Joe Biden speaks on gun crime prevention measures at the White House on June 23, 2021 in Washington, DC (Photo by Ke

President Joe Biden gave another press conference, and once again, it has become the butt of all jokes. Besides crude remarks on the 46th POTUS' alleged dementia and slurring of speech, social media was flooded with outrage as the president alluded to something similar to America nuking its gun owners. There were also issues with the teleprompter once again as Biden slurred through the names of the dignitaries, often mispronouncing them. He also called the ATF the "AFT" and talked about the history of the Second Amendment and the "blood of patriots" before concluding with his nuke remarks that left social media concerned and confused.

While the debate of what would happen if his predecessor Donald Trump did this has long existed, the narrative has now changed to mockery - is Joe Biden OK? For starters, Biden's speech was in a slant monotone without spark, wit or even the token charisma the President recently displayed in his meeting with Queen Elizabeth. Sure, Biden can't walk into a press conference with his aviators on, but the 78-year-old president couldn't even properly pronounce the word "cognitive."


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Whether Biden was having an off day or not, his team was once again spotted hustling him off the stage as the media tried to grill him as loudly as possible, shouting after the president being ushered away. This came after Biden struggled to pronounce the name of the Baton Rouge police chief, as his speech went a little like this: "Police Chief Murray…excuse me, Police Chief Mary, Police Chief Murphy Paul of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.” The slurring, fumbling, inability to read the teleprompter, and being rushed off the stage has now contributed to Twitter's old narrative of 'Dementia Joe' as users jumped at the opportunity to call Biden utterly senile once again.

The biggest concern social media had was Biden's sentiments on nuking Americans. Add to that the possibility of the president's alleged memory fumbling, and Twitter was left freaking out over what might be coming. "A president with dementia saying he’ll Nuke US citizens. Because of Biden I will be a gun owner this weekend!" announced one user. Another claimed: "Biden has dementia he needs to be gone. Yes he damn sure did threaten gun owners with nukes. Go listen to the speech."


Alleging the president's apparently deteriorating mental health, one user tweeted: "Aside from dementia Joe’s threat against Americans, he’s got ZERO understanding of the Second Amendment. The 2A does NOT restrict who may own guns, nor does it restrict the type of guns owned. Biden Reminds Gun Owners the Government Has Nuclear Weapons." Others pointed out: "Biden’s speech today on gun laws has been ignored by mainstream media because he had no idea what he was saying or reading. It was painful to watch. He definitely has dementia. No question. So sad." 

Others were of the opinion: "Biden’s stupid non effective speech today on gun violence was enough time call THE DOCTOR ASAP ! He can’t even make sense and speak out what’s written in front of his face! He’s a wreck ! And Kamala is a JOKE AND A FAKE AND A RACIST so there’s Joes replacement!" Another said, "Damn, Biden sounds SLEEPY. Is this why they were like an hour and a half late?" 







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