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Is Catturd responsible for 'Poopy Pants Biden' viral trend? Twitter account owns up

The Pro-Trump comic account on Twitter couldn't stop gloating after followers made #PoopyPantsBiden the No 1 trend on the platform
Twitter account catturd2 takes responsibility for #PoopyPantsBiden viral trend (Photo by Eduardo Munoz-Pool/Getty Images)
Twitter account catturd2 takes responsibility for #PoopyPantsBiden viral trend (Photo by Eduardo Munoz-Pool/Getty Images)

Joe Biden became the butt of all jokes or one could rather say, Biden's butt became a joke that a lot of people around the country are discussing and laughing about. Biden met the Pope on October 29 and the two spoke about world hunger, conflict, and Covid-19 and the discussion ran overtime. This triggered infinite jokes on the Internet reportedly after Republican strategist Amy Tarkanian tweeted that the meeting ran "usually long" as Biden had a bit of a "bathroom accident" at the Vatican. #PoopyPantsBiden became the top trend on Twitter and Pro-Trump comic account '@catturd2' has taken responsibility for it going viral. 

The trend which began in the evening on October 30 refused to die down on the morning of Halloween. Continuing to boast about it, the account tweeted, "We need to be told the truth ... #PoopGate ain't going away." Another tweet read, "Seen a few people mention this funny one ... So yes, I agree ... it's #ShartWeek here at Twitter." The account continued tweeting, "Now we know why everyone wears masks around Joe Biden." Biden has faced a lot of trolling from the time he assumed office. Right from being allegedly caught sleeping on video during a meeting with Israel's Prime Minister, to being accused of being "sleepy and confused" while speaking on gun violence - Biden has seen it all. Not to forget the time he fell multiple times on Air Force One's stairs for which Trump made fun of him while Jen Psaki tried to blame it on the stairs


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Is Catturd responsible for #PoopyPantsBiden?

While it was Tarkanian who told the world about Biden's "bathroom accident", the funny and viral hashtag was Catturd's doing and the admin(s) of the account is/are not trying to hide it one bit. Gloating over the hashtag being one among the top trends on Twitter for hours, Catturd owned up and took responsibility for it going viral. "When it comes to Twitter trends, @catturd2 is a force of nature. #PoopyPantsBiden," the account retweeted after sending out multiple tweets telling its 589k+ followers that the hashtag was #1 in the USA. "On a Saturday night, during the World Series, @catturd2 followers can get #PoopyPantsBiden to trend in 10 minutes flat. All of you - go ahead and drop that mic - you rock," read another tweet by the account. 

Catturd also rose to fame when former president Donald Trump claimed the election was stolen from him. The account was fully supporting these claims and Trump's bid to overturn the election result which again trended massively at the time. Trump used to retweet the account multiple times while he still could before Twitter took his account down forever. Back then, the account called itself "The MAGA turd who talks s---," referring to Trump's campaign slogan "Make America Great Again."