Rowoon to star in 'House on Wheels' variety show, fans upset over his absence from SF9

Rowoon to star in 'House on Wheels' variety show, fans upset over his absence from SF9
With Rowoon starring in a new variety show, some fans allege that he is doing everything else but promote with SF9, the boy group that he debuted in (FNC Entertainment)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Everyone loves it when idols are able to create the perfect balance between being K-pop singers and actors but these stars often end up compromising one over the other. So is the case for SF9's Rowoon who has been on a hiatus from group activities in order to attend his solo acting gigs as directed by his label, FNC Entertainment. Rowoon has been garnering a lot of attention for himself as an actor after he starred in the 2019 K-drama, 'Extraordinary You', after which his acting career took off.

He was seen in the main roles on shows like 'She Would Never Know' (Senior, Don't Put On That Lipstick), 'The King's Affection', and most recently, 'Tomorrow'. With a jam-packed acting schedule like his, it is obvious for Rowoon to skip his activities with the rest of the activeSF9 members but fans are now claiming that Rowoon's being made to do everything but promoting with his boy group. On August 31, it was announced that SF9's Rowoon will join the main cast of the variety program, 'House on Wheels', but fans are worried about Rowoon's future as an idol. 


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SF9 Rowoon bags a new variety show

Reports from tvN revealed that SF9's Rowoon will be appearing on the fourth season of the ongoing variety show, 'House on Wheels', along with the active cast members like Sung Dong-il, Kim Hee-won, and formerly also featured Yeo Jin-goo, Im Siwan, and Gong Myung in the past. Now as it is announced that Rowoon will join ‘House on Wheels 4' as the maknae (youngest member), most fans are excited. The variety show 'House on Wheels' has the main cast travel to calm locations in South Korea in a mobile home/minivan. The episodes feature special guests such as friends and family of the main cast who live with the cast in the mobile homes.


Fans unhappy with Rowoon's absence from SF9

However, some fans recall that Rowoon had taken a hiatus from his activities as a member of SF9 due to his health complications as well as other prior acting commitments in the past. The nine-member boy group was supposed to make a comeback with seven members after the oldest members, Inseong and Youngbin's enlistment. However, with Rowoon's hiatus due to his solo schedule, SF9 has been promoting as six members: Jaeyoon, Dawon, Zuho, Chani, Hwiyoung, and Taeyang. The youngest two of SF9, Hwiyoung, and Chani, are also active as actors but often try to promote with the group more when compared to Rowoon.


'He's joining everything but his group'

Fans claim that Rowoon is an idol first and needs to promote with the boy group just as much as FNC Entertainment has been prioritizing his solo career for quite some time now. One fan said, "I’m glad his acting career is doing so well but I hope he can make the next sf9 comeback." Another fan said, "Okay we love this for him but we also want him to be with his group for once." One more fan said, "He's joining everything but his group." A fan said, "Boi will do everything except sf9." Another mockingly added, "Couldn't agree more. Sad. Praying for his spine."

Another fan said, "I love Rowoon as an actor but what about SF9? Now that Rowoon is busy with another show, we prolly won't see him even more" A few days ago a fan said, "At this point, if FNC aren't even bothering to tell us that rowoon isn't attending, then they probably don't even consider him a part of the group anymore." One more fan said, "SF9 performing as 5 way too much for liking when we only have 2 members serving the military... istg fnc not being able to manage rowoon and chani's schedules to fit with the group one is making me so angry."








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