SF9's Taeyang finally meets his idol EXO Kai at 2022 K-pop Hallyu Fest, fans ask: 'God, me when?'

SF9's Taeyang finally meets his idol EXO Kai at 2022 K-pop Hallyu Fest, fans ask: 'God, me when?'
EXO Kai poses with his 'fan' aka SF9's Taeyang at the 2022 K-pop Hallyu Fest in London (@taeyang_0228/Instagram)

When it comes to K-pop, idols usually do not openly talk about their favorites. Due to the extreme competition between K-pop labels and groups, idols usually keep their love for their favorites at bay but such is not the case for SF9's Yoo Taeyang. Over the last few years, Taeyang has been very vocal about his love for the third-generation idol Kai (Kim Jongin) from SM Entertainment's boy group EXO. On July 11, Taeyang finally posted a photo of himself with his idol and his fans started manifesting their own fan moment with Taeyang.

Both Kai and Taeyang appeared at the 2022 Hallyu K-pop Fest in London where the two idols shared a fanboy moment. After their final performance, SF9 members and other K-pop groups made way for EXO's Kai to make his way on stage. Fans who attended the event also took note of how his bandmates stood on stage in such a way that Taeyang was able to stand next to Kai. The two idols did not interact on stage but fans were able to witness a behind-the-scenes moment on Instagram where Taeyang met his idol Kai and posed for photos together.


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SF9 Taeyang finally meets his idol EXO's Kai

On July 11, Taeyang took to Instagram to post a carousel post of himself with his longtime favorite idol Kai where he captioned the post, "So Happy Today! Thank U KAI!" He continued to sing praises of Kai in his post as he said, "It was an honor, Kai sunbaenim! (senior)." The idol then said that he would always support Kai as an avid fan. Taeyang thanked Kai for spending time with him and this shows how respectful the SF9 member is of the EXO member. 

In the photos, Taeyang was wearing a black outfit with contrasting pink hair as he boldly exposed his waistline. Kai, on the other hand, flaunted his 'Prince of K-pop' vibe with a checkered suit. Fans are extremely happy that Taeyang finally got his fan moment with Kai as they are aware of how much the 97-liner adores his senior. Over the years, Taeyang has also consistently made it public that EXO's Kai has been his role model whenever he posted covers to Kai's songs or shared singles from Kai's solo albums in the past.


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'Taeyang you deserve it'

Fantasy (fans of SF9) are manifesting their own idol-fan moment with Taeyang now that their idol has finally lived his dream. One fan said, "I hope at the end of the show when everyone is on the stage, Taeyang approaches Kai." Another fan added, "Ikr taeyang has been waiting for this since debut hope he gets his chance."

One fan joked, "Kai giving taeyang the chance to HOLD HIS HAND and taeyang missing it and then kai laughing after... what kdrama is this." One more fan said, "Sdjksds this was the cutest interaction of the night i think taeyang missed the timing with kai sunbaenim."

One more fan said, "KAI IN THE MIDDLE OF SF9??? OR MAYBE CAUSE OF YOO TAEYANG??? YEAAAHHH TAEYANG YOU DESERVE IT BB." Another fan said, "Wow, I am happy for KAI & Taeyang. They FINALLY met each other. I love this for them. SF9's Taeyang met his idol Kim Jongin aka KAI of EXO." One fan said, "So Taeyang finally met his idol after so many years sadkjfkfjaf. God, me when?" Another fan joked, "NGL taeyang will be me when I make it big, just wait and see."







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