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Rowoon forces FNC to let him join SF9’s Japanese concert, fans say: 'We love to see it'

Fans were disappointed as Rowoon was not able to join SF9 for their latest comeback 'Scream' as was busy filming a K-drama
UPDATED JUL 18, 2022
Rowoon will be joining Dawon, Chani, Taeyang, Zuho, Jaeyoon, and Hwiyoung at SF9's Japanese concert and fanmeeting (@sf9official/Instagram)
Rowoon will be joining Dawon, Chani, Taeyang, Zuho, Jaeyoon, and Hwiyoung at SF9's Japanese concert and fanmeeting (@sf9official/Instagram)

Fans already knew that SF9 would not be complete for almost a decade when Inseong became the first member to enlist for mandatory military service. With the standard duration of South Korean service being 18 months and SF9 having nine members, it could be a while before all of the members completed their military service and be reunited as a group. But fans were not prepared to see member Rowoon also not participating in group activities. Fantasys (SF9’s fandom) were disheartened when their label FNC shared that Rowoon would not join the latest comeback as he had been busy filming a K-drama.

The news had the fandom torn as fans wondered why the label could not have rescheduled the comeback so that SF9’s Rowoon could also be a part of the album. They compared his situation to other idol actors like Astro’s Eunwoo and GOT7’s Jinyoung who were still able to participate in their group comebacks. And it looks like even Rowoon was unhappy with the decision as it has now been announced that he will be joining the remaining active members of SF9 at their Japanese fanmeeting which consists of a concert and meet and greet.


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Rowoon to join SF9 Japanese concert

SF9’s last full group comeback was with the hit single ‘Trauma’ before the eldest members Inseong and Youngbin enlisted in the military in early 2022. But the group was down to six active members as Rowoon could not join SF9 at music festivals like HallyuPopFest or for their latest album ‘The Wave OF9’. However, he showed his complete support, from hyping it up on social media to commenting on Taeyang’s post as he finally met his role model EXO’s Kai. With Rowoon himself often sharing his love for his group, Fantasys were not surprised when FNC announced that he would be joining SF9’s Japanese fanmeeting.

The label shared that while it had been announced previously that Rowoon would not be participating in the ‘SF9 Japan Fanmeeting 2022 Hanabi’ on August 2 and 4, plans had changed. FNC explained, “But with the strong will of Rowoon himself and the members, we have readjusted all schedules and Rowoon will participate. We apologize for causing you so much concern about this matter.” This means that all seven active members of SF9 will be participating in the Japanese event.


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‘Bawling my eyes out’

One Fantasy pointed out, “So its like rowoon has to fight for every sf9 schedule these days 😭😭😭 even during the concert he made priority of the concert and immediately said yes to the extra concert sched.” Another fan said, “ROWOON IS SO HAPPY WHEN HE IS WITH SF9.” One made a reaction meme, “Rowoon joining japan FM* * rowoon posting about sf9 cb* fantasy and ot7 sf9:.”

Another Fantasy commented, “I SAW THE WHOLE POST JUST NOW I'M BAWLING MY EYES OUT.” One fan was angry, “So basically fnc could of included rowoon in group events yet they decided not to. I knew my boys would raise hell for it.” Another shared, “Rowoon reminding fnc he's a sf9 member too we love to see it.”







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