Ronny Jackson blasted for saying Biden not 'cognitively prepared' to be POTUS: 'Are you high?'

Jackson has been a controversial political figure, both as a representative for Texas's 13th congressional district, and as the former White House doctor

                            Ronny Jackson blasted for saying Biden not 'cognitively prepared' to be POTUS: 'Are you high?'
Ronny Jackson claims Joe Biden isn't 'prepared' to be president (Chip Somodevilla, Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

Former White House physician Ronny Jackson, who had predicted Joe Biden will be forced to resign in the wake of the Taliban crisis, is now claiming the POTUS is not "cognitively prepared" to be the president of United States. Jackson, who had served under both Barack Obama and Donald Trump, made the remarks in a recent Fox interview, after weeks of demanding the president take a cognitive health exam to prove his competency for the role of America's leader. His intense criticism of the president has once again sparked social media's fury, with pro-Democrat users drawing "candyman" references, while conservatives continue to amp up his opinions about Biden's cognitive capabilities. 

Jackson has been a controversial figure, not only as a representative for Texas's 13th congressional district, but also for his past stints as the White House doctor for both Obama and Trump. In March he denied all allegations of giving pills at the White House without any prescriptions. The allegation has however earned him the infamous moniker 'candyman', but that definitely isn't the only controversy he has courted in recent times. It was also alleged that Jackson took Ambien and made sexual comments on the job. The doctor has denied doing this, and even Trump even offered his support to clear his name. Since the end of July however, Jackson has been fixated on Biden getting a cognitive exam and he has ranted about this in a Fox channel interview on Friday, August 20. 


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“We’re looking horrible right now on the world stage, this is an absolute national embarrassment,” Jackson told Fox News, adding: “And instead of being out in front of this and talking about what’s going on, and what went wrong, and what the plan was, and what we’re gonna do next, Biden’s just been in hiding again, as he always has." Jackson continued to slam the president saying: "Biden, once again, has failed us. He’s embarrassed as internationally. And you know, honestly, it is time for him to leave. I’ve been saying this for a long time. I’ve been saying that he’s not, he’s not cognitively prepared to be our president. And this is just another example of his failure. And I think a lot of this is relevant to his cognitive ability. But he’s, he’s created a national security disaster for this country right now. And it’s time for him to move on and somebody else needs to do this job. He is not fit to be our commander in chief. It’s time for him to resign.”

According to Jackson, Biden got away with a lot because “people have cut him slack because they know he’s got these cognitive issues, and he’s older. I think that he’ll resign or how think his own party will remove through the 25th Amendment as the as the days in advance, because there’s just too much liability with this man. They can they can’t cover for him anymore. When the host asked him whether the 25th Amendment will be invoked by the Democrats against Biden, Jackson enthused: "I absolutely think that’s what’s gonna happen."

Physician to the President U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson meets with Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) in his office in the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill April 17, 2018 in Washington, DC. President Donald Trump nominated Jackson, his personal doctor at the White House, to be the new Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs after Trump fired David Shulkin on March 28.


Jackson continued: “I’ve been talking about this for about a year and a half. I’ve been saying even when he was candidate Biden, that he wasn’t cognitively fit to be our president. I’m telling you, as the days go on, it won’t be Ronny Jackson talking about it, it’d be the Democrats talking about it, because he’s failing on all fronts. And when he gets up in front of the camera, he’s an absolute embarrassment. He is, he is so unprepared for what’s going on in this country. And every time we’re confronted with something like this, it just becomes more and more obvious that he cognitive (sic) and cannot do this job. And I think that at some point, they will have to address that. And they will have to take care of it.”

In a tweet posted on August 19, Jackson asked: "If Joe Biden is unable to serve as President then he needs to RESIGN! How long does he think he can keep hiding from the public?" Initially here was some support for the rep, as users wrote: "Force him too. Someone is doing his job badly!" Another chimed in: "Exactly! Biden inherited the mess and now he has to clean it up. Who releases Taliban who are terrorist and makes deal with? And not notify Afghanistan or removed Americans at the time?" And one snidely remarked: "A fraudulent [p]resident cannot resign as he is not legitimate."





But some users also deduced Jackson is speaking under the influence of marijuana and alcohol for tweeting what he wrote. "You must be drunk tweeting. He’s been on TV every day," pointed out a user. Another asked Jackson, "Are you high [sic] you thought Trump was healthy" There was one who also mocked Jackson's claims tweeting: "LOL @RonnyJacksonTX once again whining about PRESIDENT BIDEN and that he's not cognitively there to be PRESIDENT and should resign. So says the candyMan."

Others defended the president, saying "Just because he isn't in front of the cameras, desperate for attention, like TFG, doesn't mean he isn't working hard behind the scenes. He's being presidential, not trying to run a reality show. I know you're not used to that but, it is what it is." One also clarified: "Being readily available 20 hours a day on social media *is not* part of the job description, regardless of what the former president made you think." Another slammed Jackson, saying: "Dear DR. Rx., You sir, are an insurrectionist. "