Joe Biden trolled as agent has to show him where to walk in video: 'MUST have cognitive exam'

Joe Biden trolled as agent has to show him where to walk in video: 'MUST have cognitive exam'
President Joe Biden was trolled as his SS agent told him where to walk (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images and Twitter/ thehill)

President Joe Biden returned to the White House after spending time in Wilmington, Delaware, and something absurd happened while he was walking towards the building — a 'handler' had to tell Biden where to walk. His Secret Service agents had to make sure that he walks the right way. 

Many social media users noticed that the president was walking off on his return trip. And it did not take them long to poke fun at that. 


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You can watch the video here:


No sooner did that happen than users started poking fun at that. "Why does the secret service have to point out the path to him?" one user asked. "Can we get a younger president next time?" one user taunted. Another user took a jab, "How Americans voted for this guy over trump still baffles me."





Social media users did not mince their words. "So weird. The directed point, as if he doesn't know the way in or even how to follow a sidewalk. Why are tacky pallets just stacked there? And where is the marine? Opening the door for him was an afterthought that turned into a diss," one wrote. One user wrote how Biden's agents are only babysitting him. "I feel bad for the agents. They are well trained machines of protection and now they are babysitting. This isn’t funny this is dangerous and scary. Just watching him walk worries me. #makeamericaflorida #takebackamerica" Along similar lines, another user wrote, "Wondering what he has on the briefcase…. Toys and snacks "




Some social media users also took a jab at his old age. One wrote, "people with dementia, do this thing called mirroring, he saw the security walk that way, so he mimicked him." And one social media user resorted to the simple use of the clown emoji.



At the same time, Biden's loyalists and supporters stood by him in the tweets section. "It looks like the agent was informing that that route was locked off and to take the different route. You think secret service is going to point at a walkway like that to the President?" one wrote. Another user explained what must have happened. "The Secret Service pointed out to him that there was something there (maybe repair) and they needed to go further along the path. You can see Biden looking at that area as he passes it."



"WOW! Biden MISSED the sidewalk on his way to Oval Office. How many times do you think he’s walked that path and now he just FORGETS!? Something’s not right. He MUST have a cognitive exam!" US representative for Texas's 13th congressional district Ronny Jackson wrote. To which, one user clapped back, "Give me a break. They’re clearly doing some work to the path, as indicated by the pavers blocking the beginning. The secret service agent said something to him and pointing at the sidewalk, so he followed him. You must be drinking again Ronnie."



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