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'Robyn is a snake in the grass': Fans call out 'RHOP' star for ambushing Candiace Bassett for storyline

'Robyn Dixon is such a clown #RHOP,' wrote an angry fan after watching the housewife turn against Candiace Bassett in front of the group
'Real Housewives of Potomac' stars Robyn Dixon and Candiace Bassett (Bravo)
'Real Housewives of Potomac' stars Robyn Dixon and Candiace Bassett (Bravo)

POTOMAC, MARYLAND: It looks like Robyn Dixon hasn't learned anything from the backlash she received over filming the altercation between Mia Thornton and Wendy Osefo. The 'Real Housewives of Potomac' star landed herself into trouble yet again when she decided to replay one of Candiace Bassett's Instagram Live clips bashing all the housewives before the group.

Candiace was so trigerred by the group icing out Wendy that the housewife decided to hop onto her Instagram Live and vent out to her loyal followers. During the live, the 'RHOP' star accused her fellow housewives for not being loyal and stabbing each other in the back. Though Candiace didn't take any names during her live it was understood that she was referring to Ashley Darby, Gizelle Bryant, and Mia Thornton. She ended her live by complimenting and showing her support to Robyn. So, when Robyn decided to replay Candiace's live before the group and skip the part where she praised and supported Robyn, 'RHOP' fans were left fuming at her.


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Robyn Dixon and Candice Dillard-Basset in 'RHOP' Season 7
Robyn Dixon and Candice Dillard-Basset in 'RHOP' Season 7 (Bravo)

Many fans took to Twitter to call out Robyn for not only being a bad friend to Candiace, but also using Candiace for her storyline. A fan tweeted, "Robyn reaching so bad this season for a story line , like girl don’t you and Juan need to arrange a marriage. Like go look at Venues or do cake tasting . #RHOP." "Right! Robyn is itching for a storyline that’s why she’s friendly with Candiace and supporting Chris on second and trying to slander Candiace for an IG Live in front of the entire group. Robyn, it’s sad. #RHOP," wrote a fan. "Robyn tried to make it seem like Candiace was talking about everyone when she knows she was talking about Gizelle, Ashley, and Mia for trying to lie on her husband. Robyn has been wanting a moment since last season, and if I was Candiace I would be hurt too #RHOP," commented a fan. "Robyn Dixon is such a clown #RHOP," declared a fan.





'RHOP' star Robyn Dixon (Bravo)
'RHOP' star Robyn Dixon (Bravo)

Another fan shared, "Chileeee...Robyn knew that Candiace wasn't talking about her in that live. She turned on Candiace because she was being nice to Wendy on the trip. #RHOP." "Not Gizelle and Robyn playing candiace live as if she wasn’t telling the truth, and for robyn to conveniently leave out the part of the live where candiace showed her support . She is a complete clown. #RHOP," added a fan. "I hope you all go watch the live. Candiace was being really nice towards Robyn and complimenting her business. There's no way Robyn would've did that to Gizelle. She is fake. #RHOP," pointed out a fan. "Robyn is a snake in the grass. She played the long game with Candiace and pretended to be her friend and ambushed it when it was convenient. #RHOP," echoed a fan.





The recently aired episode of 'RHOP' concluded with Candiace confronting Robyn for playing her Instagram Live clip before the group and attempting to turn the entire group against her. Though Robyn tried defending herself by claiming she did nothing wrong, looks like Bravo fans are siding with Candiace on this one.

'Real Houseiwves of Potomac' Season 7 airs every Sunday at 8/7c on Bravo, and is available for streaming on Peacock.

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