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'Who excludes children?': 'RHOP' fans slam Robyn Dixon for not inviting Wendy Osefo's kids for playdate

'It was kinda disgusting for Robyn not to invite Wendy’s kids when all the other wives kids are going. Wendy is right, huge character flaw #RHOP,' a user said
UPDATED OCT 24, 2022
'RHOP' stars Robyn Dixon and Wendy Osefo (Bravo)
'RHOP' stars Robyn Dixon and Wendy Osefo (Bravo)

POTOMAC, WASHINGTON, DC: There's an unspoken rule amongst the 'Real Housewives' ladies to never drag children and families into their fights. So when 'Real Housewives of Potomac' star Robyn Dixon decided to exclude Wendy Osefo's children from the football playdate she was arranging for the other women and their kids, fans had some choice words for her.

Even though Robyn Dixon and Wendy Osefo never shared a great relationship, things got worse when Mia Thornton took to her social media to announce her cancer scare with her followers. When Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Darby, and Robyn began questioning Mia's intentions behind sharing the post, Wendy vigorously defended Mia claiming nobody would lie about something so serious. Wendy also accused Robyn and Gizelle of being liars. Soon a shouting match broke out between Wendy and Robyn, who accused each other of lying about their feelings towards Mia's diagnosis. Mid-argument, Robyn changed tracks and began inviting all the ladies' kids to come over for a game of football with her kids. While she went around the group asking everybody about the availability of their kids for the playdate, Robyn intentionally left out Wendy and her kids.


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'RHOP' star Wendy Osefo (Bravo)
'RHOP' star Wendy Osefo (Bravo)

When the other ladies pointed out to Robyn that she had left Wendy's kids, the housewife simply ignored the question. In her green room interview Robyn declared that she wanted nothing to do with Wendy so she didn't extend an invite. A visibly upset Wendy tried her best to play it cool and labeled the whole situation as a huge "character flaw" of Robyn for dragging kids into their fight. 'RHOP' fans too sided with Wendy and called out Robyn for her "real mean girl energy".

A fan tweeted, "Yall know how I get about the kids... If you were gonna exclude Wendy's kids why do it like that??? You really shouldn't do that at all... It's crusty behavior tbh. Wendy's kids ain't do shxt to you Robyn. Do better. #RHOP." "Robyn is so ugly for not inviting Wendy’s kids. Zen Wen handled that the best she could cause some people don’t play like that..#RHOP," wrote a fan. "Robyn tacky for not including Wendy's kids #RHOP," commented a fan. "Robyn you are low down for excluding Wendy’s kids hell you have been fake to Mia but yet you gladly invited her kids so what’s so different about Wendy #RHOP," added a fan.





Robyn Dixon in a still from 'RHOP' (Bravo)
Robyn Dixon in a still from 'RHOP' (Bravo)

Another fan shared, "Very corny of Robyn not to invite Wendy’s kids to the kids get together. Who excludes children? #rhop." "That's disgusting to invite everyone else's kids and ignore Wendy's kids. Real mean girl energy #RHOP," expressed a fan. "It was kinda disgusting for Robyn not to invite Wendy’s kids when all the other wives kids are going. Wendy is right, huge character flaw #RHOP," pointed out a fan.




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