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'RHOP' star Juan Dixon named in sexual assault and blackmail lawsuit against Coppin State University

Ibn Williams, a former Coppin State guard player, filed a sexual assault and blackmail lawsuit against his University
UPDATED NOV 10, 2022
'RHOP' stars Robyn and Juan Dixon (Bravo)
'RHOP' stars Robyn and Juan Dixon (Bravo)

Warning: The article contains information about sexual assault that could be triggering to some readers. Discretion is advised. 

POTOMAC, MARYLAND: It looks like 'Real Housewives of Potomac' star Robyn Dixon will finally have a strong storyline if she is asked to return for the bravo show's season 8, all thanks to her fiance (or should we call ex-husband) Juan Dixon. Aside from making headlines for the disappointing defeat of his Coppin State team against Georgetown, the basketball coach found himself embroiled in a sexual assault controversy after being named in a lawsuit against Coppin State University.

Ibn Williams, a former Coppin State guard player who played for the team from 2018 until 2020 filed a lawsuit against his former university on November 2, 2022. In the 15-page lawsuit, Williams accused Lucien Brownlee, director of player development, of harassing and blackmailing him into performing sexual acts. Williams also accused Juan and the University of failing to act when they were informed about Brownlee's transgressions. According to the lawsuit Juan,  who is the team's coach, was reportedly already aware of Brownlee's "sick and troubled background" but insisted on Williams continuing to play for the team, while the University terminated the financial assistance extended to him and also caused him further "emotional distress" by questioning him about his past sexual experiences and making inquiries about his sexual orientation. 


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Why is Juan Dixon being named in the sexual assault lawsuit against Coppin State University?

According to the lawsuit, Williams was reportedly approached during his freshman year by a female online who was keen on pursuing a romantic relationship with him.  Baltimore Brew which broke the news first reported that Williams was "enticed into sending images of himself to this person of a sexual nature that [he] believed were private and in the context of a developing romantic relationship". But it turned out to be a catfish scheme as the person began blackmailing Williams and threatening to release the images if he didn't perform sexual favors. Brownlee, who was a senior at that time, revealed to Williams that he too received threats from the blackmailer. Soon, the blackmailer began demanding Williams to record himself performing oral sex with Brownlee and sending it across to them by threatening to leak the previously shared sexual pictures to the university's staff and team if he failed to comply with the demands. After finishing his senior year, Lucien Brownlee was given the job of Director of Player Development.

The texts continued through the 2018-2019 basketball season while Williams, “In fear of losing his place in the basketball program, his tuition and room, and board payments… continued to respond to the person messaging him in a futile attempt to appease his tormentor.”  The lawsuit explained how the harassment pushed Williams into suicidal thoughts. In a bid to extricate himself from the situation, Williams tried seeking his family's help by informing them about the "blatant, unchecked use of illegal drugs and inappropriate behavior of members of the basketball program while traveling for away games, in hopes that it would spur a transfer from Coppin State to a different program." This led to a meeting between Plaintiff's parents and Juan. 

The lawsuit stated, "In June of 2020 Plaintiff, accompanied by his father, met with Defendant Juan Dixon and the drug issues were discussed. Plaintiff raised the possibility of transferring out of the program. Defendant Dixon indicated that he was helpless to address the drug issue in any meaningful way. He expressed the inevitability of drug use among the players. Nonetheless, Coach Dixon was adamant that Plaintiff should stay with the program. Defendant Dixon was able to persuade Plaintiff and his father to exit the transfer portal and Plaintiff agreed to resume his status as a member of the team, relying on Coach Dixon’s assurance that Plaintiff’s financial assistance and other benefits he had been provided with would be continued."


But things went south when Williams refused to comply with the blackmailer's increasingly salacious requests, leading to the leaking of his photographs to the university's staff and the whole basketball team. By then Williams began suspecting that it was Brownlee who was behind the blackmailing and harassing texts he was being subject to. The lawsuit states  “Upon information and belief, the blackmailer was Coach Brownlee.” "Plaintiff was directed by Coach Dixon to attend practice the following day. Defendant Dixon met personally with Plaintiff. Defendant Juan Dixon admitted to the Plaintiff that Lucien Brownlee was mentally ill or otherwise emotionally imbalanced and that his history was known to the Coach, Mr. Carter and the school," stated the document. 

"Defendant Dixon again confirmed his awareness of Coach Brownlee’s instability later that same evening in a phone call to Plaintiff’s brother and father where Defendant Dixon repeated that Lucien was “sick” and had a troubled background. The Defendants with full knowledge of the previously described events took no action to address that their Director of Basketball Operations and Assistant Coach had victimized Plaintiff in this manner. In an attempt to bring the foregoing situation to light, Plaintiff requested Coppin State University conduct its own review of the harassment, sexual assault and blackmail he had been required to endure."

Unfortunately, the University's review process further added to Williams' distress as the institution's attorney questioned him about his past sexual experiences, and conducted an inquiry into his sexual orientation, not only violating the University's guidelines and standards set to "provide a safe, suitable environment free from violence and harassment" to its students but also adding further emotional distress onto Williams. This violation coupled with Juan turning a blind eye to Brownlee's background and troubled history and Williams' complaint, led to the plaintiff filing a lawsuit. 

Neither Robyn nor Juan has addressed the allegations or the lawsuit yet. 

'Real Housewives of Potomac' season 7 airs every Sunday at 8/7c on Bravo.