Is BTS collaborating with Elton John? RM's TikTok post makes ARMY go bonkers

Is BTS collaborating with Elton John? RM's TikTok post makes ARMY go bonkers
RM tagged Elton John on a TikTok video (@bts.bighitofficial/ @eltonjohn/Instagram)

With BTS going global, they are getting more and more opportunities to collaborate with some wonderful artists out there and those collabs have always been hits. We are yet to get any update on the BTS x Coldplay collab. Not only that, on August 5, Jennifer Lopez hinted at something in the works by captioning her posts ‘JLO x BTS’. So with the latest barrage of rumors, fans are wondering if the newest artist to partner up with BTS happens to be none other than the fabulous and talented Sir Elton John.

BTS has been riding high on the success of latest single album ‘Butter’ CD and the track ‘Permission to Dance’. To celebrate the release, they’ve been doing several challenges on YouTube Shorts and TikTok. On August 6, the leader of the group RM took to TikTok to post a video of him dancing to ‘Permission to Dance’. He sings a line where Elton John is mentioned. Fans also noticed that he was sporting a look that would make the British singer proud.


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RM tags Elton John in BTS’ TikTok 

Permission to Dance’s opening verse contains the lyrics, “When it all seems like it's wrong/Just sing along to Elton John/And to that feeling, we're just getting started.” Two days after the song was released, Elton John himself responded to the lyrics with wordplay and tweeted, “When it all seems like it’s right, I sing along to @bts_bighit #PermissionToDance.” Fans were excited with this wholesome interaction and showed their love under Elton's tweet. However, this time around, his Twitter notifications might be blowing up for another reason.


RM posted the TikTok video on Twitter and went on to tag Elton John. On Twitter, when someone replies to a tweet in which several people are tagged, they will all be mentioned in the response unless the user themselves untags them. And in their hurry to hype up RM’s TikTok, ARMY forgot to untag Elton John from their thirst tweets for the BTS leader. This led to hilarious speculations about how Elton will react to being spammed.


Other than that, fans are also wondering if RM tagging the legendary singer is a hint for some upcoming collaboration. For a veteran like Elton John, he is constantly mentioned in other people’s song lyrics. But in this instance, not only did he acknowledge BTS’ lyrics about him but he also responded in a sweet manner. So, ARMY has deduced that this could mean that there is something brewing between the two global acts.

'Now how about y'all collab and make PTD Elton version?'

One fan tweeted, “Yes now how about y'all collab and make PTD Elton version??” Another fan brought up the time Elton had tweeted to BTS, “LEGENDS! @eltonofficial to @BTS_twt , and vice versa.. Hope that something is brewing..A collab will be highly appreciated.” One fan came up with a brilliant nickname for RM, “Did anyone call him Elton Joon yet?” Another tweeted, “And When BTS & Elton John perform Permission to Dance together?” One responded with a shocked meme, “What if theyre getting elton john on the song.”






ARMY also made hilarious memes when they realized that a majority of them had forgotten to untag Elton from their replies while hyping up RM. One fan tweeted an annoyed Spongebob meme, “Sir elton john after seeing all the barking in his twt notifs:.” Another posted a scared meme, “All the thirst comments are in Elton Johns mentions rn.” One fan tried to politely clarify for Elton John that her response wasn’t for him, “Replied with HI BABY to joon's tweet and forgot to untag elton. hope mr. john knows that he is not my baby.” Another wondered if he was going to tell RM, “All those thirst tweets under the elton john tweet....he gonna snitch out on all y'all to BTS, STAY SAFE!” One tweeted, “Elton gon see all them thirsty namjoon twts in his mentions cus army don’t know how to untag.” Another was worried about Elton’s notifications, “Elton john be waking up to zillions of notification.”







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