'Return to Amish' fans call Jethro Nolt 'selfish' as he reveals shocking reason for leaving Sabrina Burkholder

'Return to Amish' fans call Jethro Nolt 'selfish' as he reveals shocking reason for leaving Sabrina Burkholder
'Return to Amish' star Sabrina Burkholder accuses Jethro Nolt of deliberately hurting her (@sabrina_returntoamish/Instagram/TLC)

SARASOTA, FLORIDA: Things have taken a dramatic twist in 'Return to Amish' Season 7 as Sabrina Burkholder recently had a pregnancy scare. In the last episode, Jeremiah Raber and his wife Carmela accompanied her to the doctor's office because Jethro Nolt is missing from the picture.

However, in the March 28 episode of 'Return to Amish', Jethro is back! Sabrina called Jethro after having an anxiety attack at the doctor's office because she found blood in her underwear. This pregnancy scare compelled Jethro to return and reveal the reason he is always leaving her. Keep reading to find out the reason.


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'Her refusal pissed me off'

While Sabrina was heavily pregnant with their child, Jethro left her for 4 weeks. This has raised a lot of red flags. Jeremiah had said time and again that he is very angry at Jethro for doing this again to Sabrina. Well, it seems Jethro is done with running away as he has returned, but for how long is anybody's guess? Viewers are dying to know why he up and left Sabrina like this and even Sabrina questions Jethro on his return. She accused him of doing this deliberately to "hurt" her.

So Jethro confessed that when she refused to marry him again, he was "pissed" and said, "I just need to get away and get some time to myself and think." Sabrina believes Jethro would rather run away than face pain and that's why she can no longer trust him. For now, the couple seems to be mending things.


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Fans dub Jethro Nolt a 'piece of s**t'

'Return to Amish' viewers have some very strong opinions on Jethro's return and his tendency to leave Sabrina. They are not his fans right now and have expressed their anger on Twitter as one said, "Why is Jethro even here? He is useless." Another one shared a gif saying, " What a piece of s**t." One more tweeted, "Jethro is way too selfish."






Fans of the show have also expressed that Sabrina needs to stop letting Jethro back in and should not have any more babies with him. One fan said, "Sabrina and Jethro need to stop having babies together!" Another said, "Jethro is not important - he doesn’t need to be there." One more added, "Jethro gives abusive vibes."






'Return to Amish' Season 7 airs new episodes every Tuesday at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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 'Return to Amish' star Jethro Nolt reveals shocking reason for leaving Sabrina Burkholder