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Who was Jeremiah Raber's father Larry? Truth behind 'Return to Amish' star's biological dad who was murdered

'Honestly, tho, these Amish are wild. Murder, baby daddies running away, STDs. And I’ve only seen maybe 5 episodes. #ReturnToAmish,' commented a fan
UPDATED MAY 11, 2021
'Return to Amish' star Jeremiah Raber learned some shocking information about his biological family (TLC)
'Return to Amish' star Jeremiah Raber learned some shocking information about his biological family (TLC)

Although Jeremiah Raber was raised as an Amish person, he never missed an opportunity to express his dislike and disapproval of the culture. So when he was presented with an opportunity to ditch his Amish life and embrace the English lifestyle he readily seized it. This led to him being cast on TLC's show 'Return to Amish', which premiered in 2012.

Over the years, Jeremiah has revealed some very personal details about his life. One such personal information was about his adoption. Jeremiah revealed that he was adopted into the Amish family he grew up with when he was just a year-and-a-half old. Ever since learning about his adoption, the reality star had always been curious to know more about his biological family and his past. So, on Season 6 of 'Return to Amish' Jeremiah's central plotline is his quest to find his biological family. It looks like the 41-year-old finally found the answers he was looking for, and after learning about his biological family he was left shocked and speechless. Read on to know more about Jeremiah's biological family.


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Who are Jeremiah Raber's biological parents?

In an old Facebook post dating back to 2015, Jeremiah revealed a bit about his adoption. He wrote that he was "taken" from his biological mother when he was only nine months old and adopted into an Amish family when he was one and a half. In the same post, he also spoke about his difficulty with fitting into his Amish family and the community. He wrote, "I never really lived by [their] rules since I knew I wasn't meant to be Amish. Don't get me wrong they do have good things going on. Then just because I didn't live up to their expectations my adopted mom looked me straight in the eyes and told me 3 different times she doesn't know why she adopted me." He also revealed that he hasn't been in contact with his adopted family since being estranged from them in 2012. 

His estrangement from his adopted family only meant that Jeremiah got even more curious about his biological family. While looking for his biological family, he crossed paths with a man named Dennis who claimed to be his father. Although the reality star was thrilled to meet Dennis, he claimed that he didn't feel the "spark" he expected to feel when he met his biological family. So he decided to get a DNA test to confirm if Dennis was indeed his father.

When Jeremiah got the results of the DNA test he was shocked to learn that Dennis wasn't his father but instead his real father turned out to be his mother's brother-in-law, Larry, who unfortunately turned out to be dead. Dennis was heartbroken to learn that Jeremiah wasn't his biological son as he had assumed, but reassured the reality star that even if he isn't the father by blood he would still always have Jeremiah's back. With Dennis' help, Jeremiah traced the roots of his father's family and landed in Michigan to meet his cousins and learn more about his biological father, Larry.


What happened to Larry?

When Jeremiah reached Michigan and saw his cousins for the first time he was left shocked and speechless by the striking resemblance between him and them. He then sat down with his cousins to know more about his father, Larry. He learns from his cousins that Larry was his mother's brother-in-law. His mother reportedly cheated on Dennis with Larry and became pregnant. When Larry's wife (i.e., Jeremiah's aunt) found out about the affair she killed her husband. His cousins even showed him newspaper clippings reporting Larry's murder.

Jeremiah was shocked on learning his biological father's murder story. Just like him, even fans were left speechless on hearing it. A fan tweeted, "These Amish families got some dark stories! #ReturnToAmish." Another fan wrote, "Honestly, tho, these Amish are wild. Murder, baby daddies running away, STDs. And I’ve only seen maybe 5 episodes. #ReturnToAmish." "Imagine reading the newspaper clip of your dads murder? Insane! #ReturnToAmish," expressed a fan.





Despite receiving an unexpected end to his quest for biological family, Jeremiah was still happy to have finally found his people and his family. He shared about finally feeling a sense of belonging after meeting his cousins. Hopefully, this will help the 'Return to Amish' star to heal from some of his childhood traumas.

'Return to Amish' Season 6 airs every Monday at 9/8c only on TLC.