'Respect For Jongho' trends as the young K-pop idol is erased from Ateez's vlogs

The latest 'Logbook' was 20-minute long but the youngest Ateez member did not even have a single solo moment

                            'Respect For Jongho' trends as the young K-pop idol is erased from Ateez's vlogs
Jongho gets less screentime in Ateez's recent vlogs (@ateez_official_/Instagram)

Ateez’s Jongho is arguably one of the best vocalists of fourth-gen K-pop and has often been recognized as such by veteran artists and non-fans too. The youngest member is the hidden ace or the trick up the group’s sleeve when it comes to live performances thanks to his powerful vocal skills. Some of his viral moments include singing in the original female key to miss A’s ‘Goodbye Baby’ at MAMA 2019 and his high note hitting a B5 for ‘Wonderland’ during Ateez’s participation in Mnet’s survival show ‘Kingdom’. But he is barely present in his own group’s vlogs.

Additionally, his outgoing personality and entertainment skills like splitting an apple with his bare hands have often led to him doing the rounds on social media which attracts new fans to the group. Unfortunately, Jongho’s presence hasn’t been deemed as valuable by his own label as in Ateez’s latest vlog, the vocal powerhouse was completely erased. Atinys (Ateez’s fandom) have time and again noticed that Jongho has usually had the least amount of screentime in the latest set of vlogs, but in the most recent one, he didn’t even talk once.

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Jongho missing in latest vlog

Following the pirate concept that Ateez has since its debut, the K-pop group has a YouTube segment titled ‘Logbook’ which is a compilation of a couple of weeks’ vlogs or recordings of the behind-the-scenes of an event. ‘Logbook #80’ which was uploaded on January 5 is 20 minutes long and consists of behind-the-scenes of Ateez’s time on ‘Immortal Songs’ finale special, ‘2021 King of Kings’. While Jongho is seen standing with the rest of the members in the group shots, there are no solo moments of him. In other groups’ vlogs, we do see some members sometimes missing when they are extremely busy and unable to record, but Atinys brought back one moment.



In an old vlog, Jongho is seen talking about how he had a lot of things he wanted to share with fans and had even recorded them but it had all been edited out. He says, “I realized my remarks were all deleted in the previous Logbook.” These ‘Logbooks’ are a chance for the Ateez members to talk to fans and share their thoughts. With Jongho himself realizing that the parts he had recorded were getting edited out, fans decided to band together to ask for fair treatment.

Watch the vlog below.


'So disrespectful'

Atinys trended ‘We Demand Respect’ and #Respect_For_Jongho as they made tweets like, “I'VE BEEN QUIET FOR A LONG TIME KQ, BUT DID YOU NOT REALIZE HOW IMPORTANT JONGHO IS??? SORRY BUT IT MAKES ME REALLY MAD, IT'S HARD TO ACCEPT THAT MY BIAS DIDN'T SHOWN UP ON LOGBOOK. I'M SPEECHLESS BUT JONGHO NEED A FAIR TREATMENT.” Another fan posted, “8 makes 1 team Ateez is 8 we all just want for jongho to be respected also.”

One angry fan said, “8 MAKES 1 TEAM! ATEEZ is 8 and will always be 8. he is the reason your company still running right now! his voice is one of the main reasons to attract money and fans, and yall must be know that from the first he comes to your company.” We even had non-fans sharing, “Not an atiny but this is SO disrespectful, I really admire jongho cause of his vocal skills but they’re always doing him bad.”