Mnet launches survival show sequels 'Queendom 2', 'Boys Planet', 'Street Man Fighter'

Fans are excited for the confirmed show 'Queendom 2' following the 2021 version 'Kingdom' which saw the likes of Ateez, Stray Kids, iKON competing

                            Mnet launches survival show sequels 'Queendom 2', 'Boys Planet', 'Street Man Fighter'
'Street Woman Fighter', 'Girls Planet 999' and 'Kingdom' were the 2021 survival shows of Mnet (Mnet/Naver)

K-pop survival shows have become one of the most popular genres of entertainment programs. They allow aspiring trainees and underrated artists to gain recognition and popularity. It also allows fans to get invested in these shows and root for their favorites. Mnet had a big year as they hosted several popular survival shows of 2021 like ‘Kingdom: The Legendary War’, ‘Girls Planet 999’ and ‘Street Woman Fighter’. They were some of the most-watched talent programs globally and owing to their fame, the channel is considering sequels.

There are reports that we just might get ‘Queendom 2’, ‘Boys Planet’, ‘Show Me The Money 11’ and ‘Street Man Fighter’ in 2022. During MAMA 2021, Mnet confirmed that they would be launching ‘Boys Planet’ which is a sequel to the globally ambitious survival show ‘Girls Planet 999’. It had 99 female trainees from South Korea, China and Japan and now, the 9 winners are set to debut in the already-talked about K-pop group Kep1er. The girl group consists of popular members like CLC’s Yujin, Bahiyyih who is sister to TXT’s Kai and Chinese ballroom dancer Xiaoting.

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Mnet’s 2022 survival shows

According to the leaked sales guide of CJENM, the parent company of Mnet, we got a sneak peek of the channel’s plans for 2022. ‘Show Me The Money’ is a rap competition which is going on for 10 years and an 11th season seems to be in the works. ‘Street Man Fighter’ is the male edition of Mnet’s dance competition. ‘Street Woman Fighter’ was the first all-female dance crew survival show of South Korea which led to the acknowledgment of the backbone of the K-pop industry. The participating crews are now booked and busy on reputable shows, magazine covers and sold-out concerts. They are also the judges of Mnet’s second edition ‘Street Dance Girls Fighter’ which focuses on female teen crews.

Pentagon was one of the groups that participated on 'Road to Kingdom' (Mnet/Naver)

‘Queendom 2’ to be like ‘Road to Kingdom’

But currently, fans and netizens are most excited for ‘Queendom 2’ which is the next show to be confirmed by Mnet and set to take place around March 2022. We first had ‘Queendom’ in 2019 which was a survival show among already established K-pop female artists. We had Mamamoo winning the show with Oh My Girl as the runner up. In 2020, we got the first male version with ‘Road To Kingdom’ where boy groups that had yet to get a music show win and were underrated participated. The Boyz won while groups like Pentagon, ONEUS, Golden Child and ONF participated. 2021 saw the biggest edition yet with ‘Kingdom: The Legendary War’.

Mnet has mentioned Loona, Weki Meki and Dreamcatcher as some of the girl groups they would like to cast (@loonaJPofficial, @WekiMeki_Staff, @hf_dreamcatcher/Twitter)

‘Kingdom’ was a survival show with popular boy groups Stray Kids, BTOB, iKON, SF9, The Boyz and Ateez. It was one of the most fierce survival shows with equally strong competition. In the end, Stray Kids won. And it doesn’t look like the exhilarating series is yet to see its end. According to CJENM’s report, ‘Queendom 2’ will be like ‘Road To Kingdom’ where underrated female groups will participate. They have suggested names like Dreamcatcher, Weki Meki and Loona. The immense exposure they will get due to millions of viewers tuning in has fans torn to see their favorites on the show as it also means overworking under unfavorable circumstances.

‘My girls will kill it’

‘Queendom 2’ trended as most fans had the same concern which they tweeted like, “Now that we know queendom 2 is in march 2022, i really don't know if i want deukae [Dreamcatcher] to go or not the exposure would be huge, but it's still msnake so :\,” “Everyone wants fromis to join queendom 2 and idk what to think about it. like its going to be such a popularity boost for them and make them even more loved in korea then they already are, but at the same time the girls are going to be overworked af,” and “Orbits [Loona’s fandom] waking up to queendom season 2 rumors.”

Some fans even wondered about the potential lineup, “CLC on queendom 2 would be huge serve” and “There is a hot topic on pann about who people want to see appear on queendom 2 and one of the top comment mentioned purple kiss yes please my girls will kill it like their senior did.”