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'Renovation Island': Is Bryan Baeumler in trouble? Sarah slams him for planning vacation during work

Sarah gets so annoyed with Bryan's impulsive RV purchase that she calls him out for abandoning her in her time of need
'Renovation Island' stars Bryan and Sarah Baeumler (HGTV)
'Renovation Island' stars Bryan and Sarah Baeumler (HGTV)

FLORIDA, ANDROS ISLAND: It looks like the Baeumlers are once again locking horns on 'Renovation Island'. After toiling really hard on the renovation of their resort and getting it up and running, Bryan Baeumler seems to be done with doing all the heavy lifting. The Baeumler family patriarch could be heard saying that he wanted to spend more time pursuing his hobbies such as flying and spending more time with the family, instead of working every single day.

On the other hand, Sarah Baeumler has the opposite point of view. With their children all grown up, Sarah felt that it was the perfect time for her to focus on finally pursuing her professional dreams such as setting and scaling up her own design firm business. So, she ended up leasing new office space and was hoping for Bryan to help her out with renovating her new office. Unfortunately, though Sarah's plans didn't fit in with Bryan's early retirement plans, he still agreed to help out his wife. But the renovation work doesn't seem to be going well, as Bryan can be heard complaining about doing renovation work on their date night instead of going out for a fancy dinner. The preview clip for the upcoming episode also reveals the couple fighting over Bryan's latest purchase- an RV, which he plans on using for his solo travels.


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Renovation Island (HGTV)
Sarah and Bryan Baeumler on Renovation Island (HGTV)

Sarah gets so annoyed with Bryan's impulsive purchase that she calls him out for abandoning her in her time of need. Sarah feels that Bryan should stay back in Florida and finish the renovation work he started on their home and her office space, instead of going away on vacation. On the other hand, Bryan is annoyed with Sarah for making him work even on their date night, instead of spending quality time with each other. 

Hopefully, the Baeumlers will be able to work out their differences and get what they want. This wouldn't be the first time that the Baeumlers locked horns on-screen. previously, fans watched in horror as Bryan and Sarah kept constantly squabbling over their resort's renovation. While Sarah wanted all her elaborate visions to come true, Bryan, was more worried about getting the resort up and running within the timeline they set up for themselves in order to prevent a cash flow crisis. This difference in outlook created a lot of tension between the husband and wife, but eventually, everything worked out just fine. 

'Renovation Island' Season 3 airs every Sunday at 9/8c on HGTV, and is available for streaming on Discovery+ app.