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'Renovation Island': Stunning Caerula Mar Club is on fans' bucket list and they want to visit after the pandemic

Fans have added the beautiful 'Renovation Island' resort to the list of places they want to visit after the pandemic
Sarah and Bryan Baeumler (HGTV)
Sarah and Bryan Baeumler (HGTV)

As the Baeumlers get ready to open the doors to their beloved resort, Caerula Mar Club, to the first guests on 'Renovation Island', fans too are geared up to visit the luxury resort in the Bahamas. HGTV's 'Renovation Island' follows Sarah and Bryan Baeumler, who have taken on the ambitious project of purchasing an old, rundown resort in the Bahamas and renovating it into a swanky resort, and also running it.

Fans have followed the renovation project of Caerula Marc Club from the beginning. Initially, the resort was just an abandoned and termite-infested property. Sarah and Bryan put in months of hard work to convert it into a stunning, luxury hotspot for their guests. Usually, on HGTV shows, we just get to see the renovation work on our screens, and we are left wondering how it feels to live there. But with 'Renovation Island', since the renovation work was done to a resort, fans can go visit and stay in the resort if they wish to and experience the perks of renovation work if they want to, and it looks like they want to.

Caerula Mar Club (HGTV)

Several fans took to their Twitter to express their interest in visiting the resort. A fan tweeted, "Watching #RenovationIsland and really interested to visit the new resort on Andros once it is done. It looks stunning."


Another fan wrote, "#RenovationIsland is so freaking good. The stress, the work, the stress. All so real! @hgtv would love to visit some day."


"My mom loves #RenovationIsland so much that it's on her bucket list to stay at the resort...and I want to join her!!!," revealed a fan.


"#RenovationIsland The resort's website is very welcoming. Can't wait to book a stay once Covid is under control," expressed a fan.


Although Caerula Mar is currently closed for operations, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the resort operated for a few months before the pandemic turned the world upside down. In the few months of their operation, Sarah and Bryan have managed to impress all their guests with their incredible hospitality. So how much does it cost to stay in the swanky resort? According to the resort's website, per night at the resort costs $385. While the private villas cost up to $865 per night. All the villas and rooms in the resort boast of state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure. From stunning interiors to ocean view, there is something for everyone at the resort.

Although the resort is currently closed for operations due to Covid-19, they are accepting bookings from October 24, 2020. So, if you're a hardcore HGTV fan and planning to visit the Bahamas for a vacation, you should definitely check out Caerula Mar Club.