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Red Velvet Wendy and Monsta X Minhyuk dating? Fans say ’they just pair anyone nowadays'

The same YouTuber that BTS' V was set to sue has created the rumor that Red Velvet's Wendy and Monsta X's Minhyuk might be dating
Wendy's radio episode in 2021 with Minhyuk and Monsta X goes viral (@todayis_wendy, @go5rae, @sbsyoungstreet/Instagram)
Wendy's radio episode in 2021 with Minhyuk and Monsta X goes viral (@todayis_wendy, @go5rae, @sbsyoungstreet/Instagram)

By now, fans know that dating among K-pop idols is a very controversial topic. Many artists receive backlash as toxic fans feel that they have been betrayed and have a say in the artist’s personal life since they have invested so much money in them. Many believe Blackpink’s Jennie and EXO’s Kai broke up due to the backlash. Knetizens even created petitions for iKON’s Bobby and EXO’s Chen to retire after they became fathers. Rarely do we see fans accepting idol relationships as seen in the case of Hyuna and Dawn, and Red Velvet’s Joy and Crush.

But that doesn’t stop Knetizens and the media from playing guessing games and pairing idols up to cause ‘scandals’, while fans 'ship' idols who they think would make a good couple. The latest idols to come to attention are Red Velvet’s Wendy and Monsta X’s Minhyuk. The rumors were started by YouTuber Sojang, who has often come under fire for posting unfounded and defaming rumors and was set to be sued by BTS' V.

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Minhyuk and Wendy dating rumor causes a buzz

While Monsta X had come on Red Velvet Wendy’s radio show 'Youngstreet' to promote their previous album ‘No Limit’ in November 2021, the YouTuber claimed that Minhyuk and Wendy were dating or had feelings for each other. They shared that the two were flirting and Minhyuk stood next to Wendy for a group photo out of affection.

‘Does it matter’

With Monsta X and Red Velvet’s fans known to be relatively calmer than other K-pop groups’ fandoms, the rumor did not create the uproar the YouTuber might have wanted. Instead, fans shared that people should stay out of the idols’ personal lives and that, if it was true, they were happy for the couple. Both fandoms made tweets like, “…So? does it matter.. no.. if they are i hope they are super happy.” One user was angry at the YouTuber, “I really really wanted that this channel get closed sooner. All he do is cause trouble for artists nothing else.”

Another fan added, “They just pair anyone with anyone nowadays.” Fans also found it funny that while GOT7’s Bambam jokingly used a pickup line on Wendy, it was Minhyuk that the YouTuber targeted, “*bambam straight up flirting with wendy with pick up lines* media: … *minhyuk looks at wendy* media: they are dating.” Another joked, “Actually they've been married for 40 years and have 10 kids.” One fan said, “I can believe they are shipping the minhyuk, king of gays and wendy the queen of lesbians. What the hell is this!” Another commented, “Literally standing tgt Heterosexuals: omg they’re banging.”