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‘Respect Chen’s Family’ trends as EXO star’s daughter is pulled into fan war with BTS

Some fans are cyberbullying and sending hate to Chen's 1-year-old daughter
EXO and BTS fans clash again (@weareoneEXO, @bts_bighit/Twitter)
EXO and BTS fans clash again (@weareoneEXO, @bts_bighit/Twitter)

Trigger warning - rape

Fan wars are nothing new with fandoms clashing with each other when it comes to defending or boasting about their favorites. One of the biggest and longest fan wars to exist in K-pop happens to be between EXO and BTS fans. Whether it is over achievements, breaking records, or simply mocking the other group, it can often get nasty. And in the latest incident between EXO-Ls and ARMY, some have pulled in Chen’s daughter.

Since 2020, when EXO’s Chen suddenly announced that he would be marrying and expecting his first child, he has been receiving hate. Obsessive and delusional fans saw his marriage as a ‘betrayal’ and so demanded SM Entertainment to remove him from EXO. Many have also made insensitive jokes about his second child claiming that he is not the father since he is currently serving in the military. And while EXO-Ls have had to defend him against such anti-fans and haters, we now have some BTS fans cyberbullying his daughter.

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Chen’s daughter pulled in BTS vs EXO fan war

On January 22, some EXO fans circulated tweets where ARMY have been sending hate and rape threats to EXO-Ls and Chen’s one-year-old daughter. Many upset BTS fans have also called out such toxic ARMY telling them that they have crossed the line. However, the situation has blown up to the point that EXO-Ls are trending #RespectChensFamily on Twitter. Some fans are also asking BTS and their label HYBE to educate such ARMY and hold them accountable for these severe hate comments.

User @EXOPROTECTSQD compiled some tweets that include rape threats against Chen’s daughter that have been circulating and pointed out, “This is the kind of comments we've been seeing and no, they a are NOT isolated incidents.”


'I'm so disappointed'

One fan tweeted, “PLEASE. Educate your fans. This is a horrible thing to wish someone’s daughter. Fanwars are one thing, but this is borderline harassment on the artist’s family. Common decency, keep that in mind.” Another EXO-L shared, “Dear @bts_bighit please educate your fans. don't bring fandom issues into chen's private life! and @BTS_ARMY , as a big fanbase, u should not tolerate this behavior! educate your fellow fans!” One ARMY posted, “Wth is wrong , I’m so disappointed to see these toxic people spreading their negativity everywhere. I’m an Army and I can never call them my own fandom because we aren’t supposed to act this way. Peace.”




An EXO-L commented, “Fanwar should not cross the barrier of Human Rights. Wishing harm upon innocent children over a kpop group is the bottom of everything evil and disgusting. This needs to stop.” Another ARMY said, “Im ashamed of being an army y'all seriously take r@pe as a joke? no bcos discussing abt smtg like chen's baby is going to harm the baby's future. thats why celebrities shud never keep their children in the open. im disgusted. what did the child do to you huh?!”



One EXO-L tweeted, “Oh my god ,these army's are toxic ,they don't deserve to live ,how can the curse a small child ,getting raped ?!??do u know how much pain it is !??all these for their faves???i hope whoever curses the little kid rot in hell @BTS_twt educate your fans.” Another fan pointed out that other fandoms were also sending hate to Chen’s daughter, “Well I got this too .... @SMTOWNGLOBAL for once do your job and hunt these people down or we will.”



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