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Red Velvet Seulgi drops mature concept for solo debut album '28 Reasons', fans say 'I'm seated'

Fans have already started theorizing the album trailer for Red Velvet Seulgi's solo debut with '28 Reasons' days ahead of its release
Seulgi drops mature and chilling concept photos for her solo debut album '28 Reasons' (@hi_sseulgi/Instagram)
Seulgi drops mature and chilling concept photos for her solo debut album '28 Reasons' (@hi_sseulgi/Instagram)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: It has only been a few hours since the teaser for Seulgi's solo debut album '28 Reasons' dropped but the theories have already started pouring in. If there is one thing about K-pop we can be sure of, fans do love songs that have deep meanings and are centered around mature concepts and ideas. Such is the case now for Red Velvet's Seulgi who will be making her solo debut in the days to come.

SM Entertainment announced that Seulgi, who is currently active as a member of Red Velvet as well as its subunit, Irene and Seulgi, as well as SM's super girl group GOT the beat, will soon be making her solo debut. Seulgi will now be the third out of the five Red Velvet members to make a solo debut following Wendy and Joy. Soon after it was announced that Seulgi will be releasing solo music, the anticipation around her new release started growing.


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Seulgi releases thrilling concepts for her solo debut album, '28 Reasons'

On September 13, SM Entertainment dropped the album trailer of Seulgi's October release, '28 Reasons' (aka '2NE8 Reasons'). The album will be released on October 4 and will contain a total of six tracks including the title song '2NE8 Reasons'. Unlike the colorful, girl crush image Red Velvet's usual concepts show, it is anticipated that Seulgi's solo debut album will show a thrilling and more mature concept that is different from her usual music color.

The recently released album trailer alongside the concepts has triggered fans into drawing cinematic parallels between Seulgi's releases and popular thriller projects like the Thai drama, 'The Girl From Nowhere.' Fans are also calling Seulgi an arsonist as the trailer of her upcoming solo album shows her surrounded by fire and destruction that is leading them to believe that the album is her way of telling fans that the old cheerful Seulgi is gone and a new, more mature idol has arrived with the new release. 


'Why is Seulgi's budget so high?'

Fans are going gaga over Seulgi's new album trailer of '28 Reasons' as one said, "So no one was going to tell me Seulgi is putting on a solo album with a cool ass concept. Like i just saw it omg it looks so good." One more fan asked, "Why is seulgi’s budget so high?” Another fan theorized, "SEULGI DEFINITELY K WORDED HER OLD SELF AND NOW WE'RE GONNA FIND OUT THE 28 REASONS WHY SHE DID THAT (theory about seulo)." One fan said, "My scaredy ass reading theories abt 28 reasons album trailer."

One more fan said, "28 reasons has by far the most interesting album teasers i’ve seen. aside from the music, i want to see more of the haunting concept! i want to read the theories! i want to know what seulgi’s trying to convey! i want her to tell us everything about the album! IM SEATED." Another fan said, "MY THEORY for Seulgi's 28 Reasons‼️#seulgi #28Reasons The story is abt Seulgi seeking revenge for a girl that she likes/cares deeply for." One fan asked, "Can somebody present 28 theories for seulgi’s album 28 reasons on an a4 paper times new roman size 10 double spacing 1 inch margin on both sides pls?"










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