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Fans demand 'BETTER TREATMENT' for Red Velvet as SM Entertainment cancels group's concert

After NCT Dream's 2022 concert was rescheduled, fans are calling out SM Entertainment for indefinitely postponing Red Velvet's concert
ReVeluvs call out SM Entertainment for sidelining Red Velvet's concert as NCT Dream's concert gets rescheduled (@RV5smtown/Twitter)
ReVeluvs call out SM Entertainment for sidelining Red Velvet's concert as NCT Dream's concert gets rescheduled (@RV5smtown/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Covid-19 played spoilsport with the entire world's plans and K-pop's plight was no different. Several K-pop concerts were canceled after the onset of the pandemic in 2020. Now, with the outbreak coming to an end and normalcy returning to the world, the canceled shows are being rescheduled, like in the case of NCT Dream and EXID, among others. But fans of the SM Entertainment girl group Red Velvet are calling the label out for indefinitely postponing the five-member group's concert while rescheduling one for NCT Dream.

On August 10, it was reported that NCT Dream's second solo concert 'The Dream Show 2 - In A Dream' was rescheduled to be held on September 8 and 9 this year. The double standards from SM Entertainment have fans wondering why the Red Velvet concert was not rescheduled. ReVeluvs (fans of Red Velvet) are calling the label out for mistreating the girl group while giving a better deal to their boy groups. Fans are now trending the phrase 'BETTER TREATMENT' on Twitter, arguing that SM Entertainment is prioritizing its boy groups over Red Velvet.


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SM Entertainment indefinitely postpones the Red Velvet concert

Red Velvet was scheduled to host a solo concert '2022 The ReVe Festival: Prologue' in March this year but after members Irene, Joy, and Yeri tested positive for Covid-19, the label had decided that it was best to temporarily postpone the event. The concert was set to be the girl group's first in-person performance in two years and three months since their 2019 show, 'Red Velvet 3rd Concert: La Rouge'.

Back when the concert was postponed, fans were hopeful that it would be rescheduled for the future but SM Entertainment released an update stating that they had canceled the show indefinitely due to lack of venue availability. They said in a statement, "We have checked several venues that can accommodate all of the existing audiences so that the concert can be held quickly.” But so far, fans are yet to receive any updates.


'Better Treatment For Red Velvet'

Now, as NCT Dream gets a new schedule for their concert at Jamsil Olympic Stadium, the same location where Red Velvet was supposed to host their concert, fans are calling out SM Entertainment for mistreating the girl group. One fan said, "Unwilling to give the best for Red Velvet, 'Concert Reschedule' you said and yet unwilling to make a move for them, no news whatsoever, nothing, Disgraceful. BETTER TREATMENT FOR Red Velvet." Another wrote, "Small venues, understocked albums, no 3rd full album yet on their 8th year.. this company really always limits rv success." Someone lamented, "Worst part of this is that SM made rv lie about there being no venues available and throw their efforts and preparations down the drain."

"This is not a hate towards any other group but to SM itself. we're asking for better treatment not because we are jealous/petty, but because it is what's the girls deserve to get as their artist," a fan pointed out. Someone else chimed in, "Congratulations to Red Velvet for having the best poster of a hypothetical concert BETTER TREATMENT FOR @RVsmtown." A fan added, "I don't wanna see any sm stans nor my co nctzens camp at reveluvs asking for better treatment for the velvets. we already had enough and we've been patient enough. this is not about the boys but about SM mgmt, so don't ever even took this call as a disrespect to other groups."

A fan asked, "You have a group that loves singing, dancing, performing, writing and composing songs and they’re hella good at it too but you treat them bad because??? I don’t understand your logic @SMTOWNGLOBAL." Another shared, "I kept my silence all of this time bcs i thought I need to manage my jealousy better. But today sm proved that the obstacle was never in the search for a venue. It’s the lack of management effort."













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