'Once Upon a Small Town': Release date, plot, and how to watch K-drama starring Red Velvet Joy

'Once Upon a Small Town': Release date, plot, and how to watch K-drama starring Red Velvet Joy
Red Velvet Joy aka Park Sooyoung will star in her first romcom K-drama, 'Once Upon a Small Town', after the 2018 show 'Tempted' (@_imyour_joy, @cu.young, @kakaotv.official/Instagram)

Fans of Red Velvet's Joy have been looking forward to seeing her in a lead role after loving her as Eun Tae-hee in the 2018 K-drama 'Tempted'. Joy was last seen in the 2020 drama 'Only One Person' in an important role, but she wasn't the female lead. Her fans have since been anxiously waiting for her lead role in a romantic comedy.


It was recently revealed that Joy will star in the Kakao TV original show 'Once Upon a Small Town' (also known as Accidental Country Diary), set to premiere in September this year. She plays a cop who falls in love with a veterinarian in a small town. The producers of 'Once Upon a Small Town' have revealed that it is a healing drama that portrays rural life.



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Release Date

The K-drama 'Once Upon a Small Town' starring Red Velvet's Joy will be released on September 5.


Number of Episodes

'Once Upon a Small Town' is shorter than a usual K-drama and will have a total of 12 episodes with a run-time of 30 minutes each.

How to watch 'Once Upon a Small Town'?

The Red Velvet Joy-starrer will be released on the online streaming platform Kakao TV and is free to watch for fans from South Korea through Kakao TV’s official website. 




Choo Yeong-woo - Han Ji-yool
Red Velvet Joy (Park Sooyoung) - An Ja-young
Baek Sung-chul - Lee Sang-hyun


The K-drama 'Once Upon a Small Town' is a romantic comedy show.


The K-drama revolves around Han Ji-yool, a veterinarian in Seoul. One day, he receives a phone call from his grandfather whose voice sounds serious. Han Ji-yool decides to visit his grandfather who lives in Huedongri Village, where he runs an animal clinic. At the village, he meets police officer Ahn Ja-young who is dubbed as the 'nuclear man cop' of the town. It turns out Ji-yool's grandfather is actually touring Europe.


According to the note left by his grandfather, Ji-yool has been assigned to take over the animal clinic for a half year. Meanwhile, ever since Ahn Ja-young was preparing for her test to become a police officer, she wanted to work as a police officer in Huedongri Village, where she grew up. She is always the first to appear and provide help to residents who are in need. She helps Han Ji-yool solve inconveniences related to his daily life in the village as the two develop a romantic relationship.



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 'Accidental Country Diary': Release date, plot, and how to watch the K-drama starring Red Velvet Joy